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Dear Mr. T. A. McMahon,

Sir! Your article in the September 2011 Berean Call entitled "Temporal Delusion" ["The Less Than Truthful 'Truth Project'"] should be chiseled in granite. Perhaps it was just my time to hear it, but thank God I heard it.... Thank you for rightly dividing the Word of God in this most contentious area. This article goes way beyond The Truth Project and Calvinists and Preterists and dozens of related off-course movements. You have set me free of trying to fix this world's system or anybody in it. My focus now is to call people out of this world's system and into the light of Jesus Christ....Today is the day. The great Apostasy appears to be happening. Catch whoever you can. Thanks for the clarity. FS (CA)

Hello Dave,

I just read To Russia with Love. What a powerful story! I don't usually read many Christian books...because I oftentimes get nothing out of them and...consider it a waste of my time. More often then not they twist Bible doctrines and lead people astray--for example, The Shack.But your book can be used as a witnessing tool and to strengthen the faith of believers....Thank you for being obedient to Jesus. When I was saved in 2006, the Lord brought your program [Search the Scriptures Daily] to my attention and it has been a tremendous blessing to my family ever since. MD (email)

T. A. McMahon,

Your constant statements that those who are not premillennial dispensationalists are "preparing the world for the anti-christ" or must belong to some aberrant group or teaching, such as Manifest Sons of God or Roman Catholics or Reconstructionists, etc., is a classic example of the definition of "non-sequitur"--you present false choices! Then in the same newsletter you [cite] people like John Wesley (who claimed it was satanic to believe in some future millennium on earth), Jonathan Edwards and Whitefield (both Calvinists, who I'm sure would reject your end-time prophecies if they were alive today) as the very people who brought about great revival. I rejected dispensationalism for amillennialism after 40 years of personal study--all the scriptures you quote have been answered in hundreds of books and commentaries! TA (CA)

Dear Mr. Hunt,

I am reading your book A Woman Rides the Beast, and am positively impressed with your scholarship. I am making a close read of it, underlining and making my own notes. I am a Texas prisoner and was stunned with the Catholic dogma I encountered here (no one is saved; Mary saves you after death). They refer so often to historical references I am unfamiliar with, and your book is nicely filling in some cracks. Oddly, they deny that Roman Catholicism is a works doctrine (when it is abundantly clear that it is works-dependent). There is a note [in the back of the book] about a newsletter, and if it is without fee, I sure would like to be placed on your mailing list. JP (TX, prisoner)

Dear T. A.,

I thoroughly enjoy every word of the monthly The Berean Call. I get from you what preachers refuse to preach. T. A., I especially was blessed by August's "From Oprah to Oz--and Beyond" and your pointing out that the Bible does not indicate that anything can be done to "stem the tide." That is certainly how I perceive it! I pray that God will continue to bless you and the staff. SG (email)

Dear Berean Call,

Please continue your good work....There are no gray areas in knowing and obeying God. I lived in that gray area as a Christian for years-until Dave Hunt's article in the August 2002 Berean Call issue titled "Biblical Redemption/Atonement Part 1." My eyes were opened--the doubts I had experienced prior were gone--truly the Holy Spirit was living in me at last! I have not forgotten that day or the person that helped me get there. Now both my brother and sister receive [and enjoy]The Berean Call.... All the best to all of you that put this magazine out to the rest of the world! CS (OR)

Dearest brother in the LORD, 

Many years ago you wrote The Seduction of Christianity, and I purchased it as soon as it was published. I wept over almost every page because I saw how easily deceived we are. Since then I have never ceased to be grateful for the help you were to me and many others to whom I have ministered over the years, all because of the eye-opener that book was to me. It has enabled me to discern better and to encourage others also to trust God's Word more than the words of men no matter how popular or famous they may be.

I continue to receive the newsletter and read your books besides attending the conferences and buying the tapes. When I have a question I go to the website and find answers that are biblical. Thank you so much and a big thanks to your precious wife also and T. A. McMahon plus the other writers and staff at The Berean Call. I am old now and I look forward to seeing you again someday, perhaps soon. JD (Canada)

Dear Brother Hunt,

I appreciate all the help you have provided inThe Berean Call. We went to one of your meetings about 22 years ago in a little town outside of Rochester, NY. My husband went to be with the Lord two years ago--we were married 60 years. We always went through The Berean Call as soon as it came in the mail. You couldn't know how many things you wrote about that opened up areas for us. Thank you for being so faithful. EK (VA)

Dear David and Tom and All,

I'm trying to find the words to express my love and joy for you all. I've been saved about 30 years and because of the blessing I receive each day from your books, CDs, and DVDs, I'm reading [and] seeking GOD right now....Dear Dave, I can't tell you how much you've taught me to think and not to just follow blindly. The love [of] our GOD, who calls all freely to His table, has changed my whole understanding of His love and who He really is. Thank you, Dave, for taking a stand and daring to call us a bunch of dopes that need to think and read His word each day. KO (email)