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Hello Brother McMahon,
I...continue to be blessed with the newsletter you send here. However, I am writing in response to your TBC Notes from May 2015, “The Bible Betrayed – Shepherds Stumbling the Sheep.” I truly enjoyed the article...however, [neither] race nor racial pluralism needed to [be] mentioned....The race [of the actors] should be of no particular importance....As yourself, I uphold the Scriptures according to the good doctrine your ministry projects...I just pray that in the future you will be more sensitive to issues regarding racial matters. JW (PA, prisoner)

Thank you for your [November] article on Pre-trib and Rapture and Dr. Paul Wilkinson’s excellent rebuttal of this DVD [Left Behind or Led Astray?]. Sadly, many will swallow [its teachings] as truth; “hook, line, and sinker” as us Aussies say! Praying that many more will have their eyes opened to the truth....Thank you once again for being faithful in exposing the lies and always using the Bible as your source. May your ministry continue to be blessed. PA (Australia)

T. A.,
Just wanted to drop you an email to thank you for showing me TBC’s app...at the Appleton prophecy conference....I cannot tell you how much I have used that app and all of the great stuff that you have on it. Better yet, I have shown it to many people who are getting the same use. There is so much that can go so deep into the Word, but at the same time I use it for people I am witnessing to that gets them started. The Bible Survival sequence is excellent for that. I have been and will continue to pray for the ministry. CV (email)

Dear Friends,
I so appreciated the article by T. A. in September (“Fellowship: Fortification against Apostasy”). Many of my Christian friends in different parts of the country are going through the dispiriting quest of finding a good fellowship. I’ve gone through the same myself, and were it not for the good counsel of Ed [on your staff], who, a few years ago when I called, said there were no exceptions to Hebrews:10:25, I would have given up. I’m glad I heeded his advice because it pressed me to fervent prayer for the pastor and the congregants, and as a result there has been not only the peaceful fruit of obedience but also the increasing evidence of God’s working in the fellowship. Thank you all for your faithful ministry. How much you are needed at this time! PB (MN)

Dear T. A. McMahon,
Thanks so much for your sermon on “The Bible vs. The Bible According to Hollywood.” Thank you so much for standing up for the truth. B&CH (MO)