In Defense of the Faith |

Dave Hunt

In Whom Do You Trust?

Question: I appreciate much of your work, but I think you’re too critical and too dogmatic. You would do well to temper your teaching with the admission that you aren’t infallible and that all you can offer is your own opinion.

Response: If I have ever given the idea that I imagine myself to be infallible, then I apologize for such folly. Our very name, The Berean Call, was chosen to emphasize the fact that no pastor, preacher, evangelist, or biblical scholar is infallible, and also that all teachings must be tested against the Word of God. This ministry is no exception. We are not infallible, and we urge readers to test our teachings as well. Every Christian must make up his or her own mind based upon Scripture and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Christians may not always agree on every point. The expression of varying and prayerful convictions is helpful to the body of Christ. In viewing the growing apostasy in the church and in answering questions addressed to us, we can only present the facts and the truths of Scripture as we understand them. Those with differing views may do likewise, being careful to cite specific factual or doctrinal errors. Scripture enjoins us to receive valid correction from one another gratefully.