Question: In Zechariah 5:9, who are the two women with wind in their wings, like wings of a stork? This is how the world and especially Catholics believe angels look.... |

TBC Staff

Question: In Zechariah:5:9, who are the two women with wind in their wings, like wings of a stork? This is how the world and especially Catholics believe angels look. But I have believed that all angels are male. Please comment. Are there other mentions in the Scriptures of these women with wings? Are they evil?

Response: In Zechariah 5 we first meet a flying roll, explained to be “the curse that goeth forth over the face of the whole earth...” (5:1-3). It brings God’s judgment upon sin- ners (v. 4). Then we see an ephah (a basket of large measure) with a woman sitting in it which “is wickedness” (vv. 5-8). Then the two women appear with wings and carry the ephah and its wicked occupant to the land of Shinar. This land is mentioned seven times in the Bible. It seems to be part or even all of Babylonia, the center of false religion and the home of spiritual wicked- ness. The woman (wickedness) in the ephah establishing a house in Babylon could signify the revival of evil religion in relation to the woman on the beast (or could be that woman) in Revelation 17 whose name is MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT....The two women seem to be in sympathy with her if not co-workers for spiritual wickedness.

The women are not angels, which the Bible refers to as “men” when they appear. That does not mean angels are male. God made humans “male and female” (Gn 1:27) and He told them to “be fruitful, and multiply” (1:28). The Bible never says God made angels male and female or told them to multiply. In the Bible angels never appear as women.

In the TV program, Touched by an Angel, popular with the ungodly and even with Christians (it has been promoted in Christianity Today), angels are represented as both men and women. Their message is antibiblical and ecumenical. Della Reese, the chief angel, says, “We deal in spirituality. That’s a God thing.” In other words, any kind of “spirituality” and any “God” will do.

While a major Catholic newspaper, Our Sunday Visitor, like Christianity Today, is pleased with the TV show, Time pointed out that “These mighty messengers and fearless soldiers [one angel wiped out an army of 185,000 - 2 Kg 19:35]...have become Kewpie-doll cherubs...all fluff and meringue, kind, nonjudgmental...available to everyone like aspirin.”

In 1989 Benny Hinn prophesied that it would be commonplace for angels as young men to come knocking at Christians’ doors. On TBN in 1993 he claimed that the activity of angels would accelerate among Christians and that each Christian could have 6,000 angels at his disposal. Equally unbiblical was his claim over TBN that angels appeared in his bedroom every night during the entire year of 1974—for what purpose? Hinn didn’t say. Even in the secular TV show, angels at least have a mission, as they always did in biblical appearances. Word-faith teachers speak of learning to “command” one’s angels to bring wealth. The Bible warns against a fascination with angels (Col:2:18) and that seems to be a problem today.