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Bunyan, John
Schaeffer, Francis

Read me, therefore, yea read me, and compare me with the Bible; and if thou findest my doctrine and that book of God concur, embrace it, as thou wilt answer the contrary in the day of judgment....Self-flatteries, self-deceivings, are easy and pleasant, but damnable. The Lord give thee an heart to judge right of this book, right of thyself, and so prepare for eternity....

—John Bunyan
, The Strait Gate, To the Reader

In looking back over the past 50 years I have watched the evangelical world grow and grow. Having become the establishment, evangelicals have accommodated the world at almost every turn rather than confront evil....If we do not lovingly draw lines in our churches and schools, many evangelical organizations will be lost from Christ’s cause forever.

—Francis A. Schaeffer, quoted in The Biblion Bible Expositor, 23:5.