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Dear Brother Dave,

I have just read your book When Will Jesus Come? and I wanted to write and tell you how much I have enjoyed your masterpiece on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. It should be used in classes on the doctrine of last things—it would clear up a lot of the false teaching that is going around nowadays.  RC (OH)

Hi friends!

There’s a “famine of bread” here, as in much of Christendom. I’m currently going through my old TBCs—it’s amazing how such a concentrated focus can enlighten and bless. Dave’s and T.A.’s articles are very incisive and to the point. The Q&As are most helpful….Your books are so thoroughly researched and the subject treatment, comprehensive. For example, What Love Is This?is really a text/reference book —a classic. What impresses most is the unthreatened and real Christian attitude presented to critics….That is a tremendous witness—unfortunately very rare today. TT (Australia)

Dear Dave,

I’ve believed all along that psychology can be dangerous….People combine a little knowledge of behavioral psychology with God’s Word….They’re convinced they know what they’re talking about (or choose to be convinced). They end up hurting themselves and others. KR (FL)

Dear Ones in Christ,

I would like to share my thoughts with you concerning your first Q&A in the Dec. ’03 edition…pertaining to how our Lord’s body was created or prepared. The one word I...didn’t find in your reply was the word “blood.” Leviticus:17:11,14 states, “For the life of the flesh is in the blood….” Since the life of man is in his blood and man must die because of sin, it can be stated that there is death in the blood. The very fact that sin affected the blood of man (his life) necessitated the virgin birth of Christ if He was to be a son of Adam and yet a sinless man. For this reason, Christ could partake of Adam’s flesh, which is not inherently sinful, but He could not partake of Adam’s blood, which was completely sinful. Because He had not one drop of Adam’s blood in His veins, He did not share Adam’s sin. It is a medical fact that from the time of conception to the time of birth not one single drop of blood ever passes from the mother to the child or from child to mother. The blood comes from their father at the time of conception, and thus it is the father who gives life (the blood) to the child at conception. That’s why the Bible says the father begets (gives life to) and the mother bares (carries and gives birth to). In Hebrews:2:14 we read, “Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself took part of the same….” The Greek word for “partakers” is koynoneho, and means “to share fully,” so all of Adam’s children share fully in Adam’s flesh and blood. When we read that Jesus “took part of the same,” the word is metecho, which means “to take part but not all.” The children take both flesh and blood of Adam, but Christ took only part, that is, the flesh part, whereas the blood was the result of supernatural conception. RJ (CA)

Dear Ones at Berean Call,

We are so very thankful for your newsletter and all the books by you, Dave. Our precious daughter-in-law is a born-again Christian and has worried so about her Catholic dad and mother. They always rejected her efforts to talk to them about God’s Word. Her mother died, and her dad was beside himself with grief. He was saying he didn’t know anything for a certainty. Our son…explained salvation to him and told him it was a gift from God—all he had to do was accept it. He said, “You mean it’s that simple?” Our son assured him it was. He prayed with him, and it was like a light came on in his soul. He told our son that he was a new man, that a burden had lifted from him. BD (TX)

Dear Dave and Tom,

Just wanted to drop you a note to encourage your radio show on CSN. I...always find the time spent to be rewarding and informational. The Scripture that comes to mind says, “my people perish for lack of understanding.” Your program is helping to correct that problem. BD (WA)

Dear Mr. Hunt,

I have almost finished reading What Love Is This? I do not claim to be Calvinist, nor Arminian....Your book is the only book I have read that examines Scripture without trying to prove one of the two sides of this theological argument. I ran across an interesting quote in Calvin’s commentary on Psalm 1: “From his characterizing the godly as delighting in the law of the Lord, we may learn that forced or servile obedience is not at all acceptable to God, and that those only who are worthy students of the law who come to it with a cheerful mind, and are so delighted with its instructions, as to account nothing more desirable or delicious than to make progress therein” (p.9).  SM (KY)

Praise God!

I'm truly enjoying reading your book A Woman Rides the Beast. I’m in prison, and I was asked to take the trash and recycle to the Recycle Center, and this book was about to be destroyed. RW (prisoner, IN)

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