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McMahon, T.A.

The Perils of Publishing

As many of you may be aware, TBC has begun publishing some of Dave Hunt’s books (and one of mine). This is a venture in which we had little choice. The controversial nature of Dave’s out-of-print books (which we consider important enough to get back into print) as well as his new books has progressively limited his “marketability,” according to the view of his previous publishers.

Therefore, in the hope of continuing to keep Dave’s books available, TBC has taken on publishing responsibilities. We are making some headway, although we’ve taken a wave or two over the bow. We apologize to all those who pre-ordered the expanded version of What Love Is This? and received their copies much later than we had intended, due to printing delays beyond our control. We now no longer will take orders until the books or other resources have completed the manufacturing process.

Likewise, if you hear about other exciting projects of ours that are in the works but have production and completion schedules that are tentative at best, keep checking our website for updates.

Pray for wisdom and grace for us in all facets of our new endeavor, especially in distribution.

T. A. McMahon

Executive Director