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TBC Staff

Dear Dave,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your biblically sound, well-reasoned exposés of the wildly popular “Purpose Driven” phenomenon and the whole “seeker-sensitive” movement. I am stunned and grieved as I watch the rapid apostasy engulfing the professing church and believe this movement to be the capstone of the pyramid of false doctrines that have permeated the church, which seems to be the preparation of the “church” to embrace the false messiah who is lurking in the wings waiting to usher in his Utopian kingdom. The embracing of Latter Rain ideals…blended with…the self-centered drive of those seeking their “purpose” has done more to hasten full-blown apostasy than all the cults combined….The grey area is rapidly vanishing, with those refusing and repudiating these heresies increasingly marginalized or shut out altogether….Thank you for continuing to provide those of us who stay in the battle [with] reasoned answers to guide us as we study to show ourselves approved and prayerfully hope to persuade and snatch from the fire those made a prey by the many deceivers. LS (CA)

Dear Rev. Hunt,

I thank God for someone out there who is not afraid to publish the truth about that devil religion that is set to take the world and destroy Israel. We know it can never happen, but our world leaders are ignorant of what is going on, the President of the U.S. included. Jesus will sit on David’s throne. HM (prisoner, GA)

Mr. Hunt,

Please cancel my subscription to The Berean Call. I can no longer tolerate your false accusations against good Christians such as Rick Warren and his 40 days of purpose program. I have read all of your books and attended many of your seminars over the years and you have been accurate in exposing false teaching in the past, but you are wrong in this case. I am a fundamental Christian in leadership and know the truth. Mr. Warren is totally accurate in his teaching, and his programs are leading many into a solid relationship with Jesus. Having read Mr. Warren’s books and gone through his program it is very obvious that you are attacking him unjustly and have become a tool of the enemy in dividing the body of Christ. You are misleading many and I will not be part of your ministry any longer. I pray you seek the truth and seek to build rather than destroy the work of Jesus. LL (CA)

Dear Bro. Tom,

I can remember as an RC [Roman Catholic] kid during the fifties watching Bishop Fulton J. Sheen on TV. Imagine my surprise to see his old programs being aired on TBN. Do evangelicals understand that this is a false gospel of works? The traditions of the RC Church preempt the teaching of the Bible, and the RC Christ is a savior spelt with an “s” because he cannot save completely, and the seven sacraments are needed to complete the job! MW (NY)

Dear Bereans,

Our first edition of the large print Berean Call arrived, and how I do appreciate the new format and your thoughtfulness....Thank you so much for your ministry to Catholics. God loves them—every one, and thank you also for The Berean Call. MM (Canada)

Dear Mr. McMahon,

Thanks for the encouragement and discernment. It’s getting hard to stand for the Word. My church is now offering Cleansing Streams, Alpha Courses...healing rooms, and now Purpose Driven Bible classes! Our pastor let this come in a little at a time….This “purpose driven” baloney, I feel, is the “icing on the cake” of the one-world church. It can’t be stopped, but as Ephesians 6 says, I will stand. So thanks for your newsletters. They are a breath of sweet fresh air of common sense and proper discernment of the Word. LS (MI)

Dear Dave Hunt and friends at TBC,

We were on your mailing list off and on thru the years, would get mad and ask to be removed. We thought you were very arrogant in thinking you were so right and everyone else was wrong. It seemed everyone was in error, and that was so hard for us to swallow. Yet in our hearts, we knew something was wrong but just couldn’t accept [it]. It really wasn’t the issue of a pride thing “who was right” and “who was wrong.” It was, “Do we want to obey the Word of God or not?” Thank you for your dedication and your faithfulness to contend for the faith. I hear the passion and the concern in Dave’s voice when he teaches, his deep desire for the souls of man….I am not sure where we would be if it weren’t for you all being there. God is so faithful. LV(AZ)