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Dear Dave,
I almost didn't read your December 2009 "The Cradle and The Cross" newsletter. I figured it would be nothing more than just another generic Christmas message.  How wrong I was! Beautifully written, brilliantly conceived, and dripping with the Spirit of prophecy fulfilled. Thank you my friend. It made the holidays, [which] I normally dread. RH (email) 
Dear Dave,
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your website. It has been a blessing to me and has answered many of my questions and concerns on trends and teachings in the church. It is encouraging to know that in a day of ever-increasing apostasy, there  are still faithful men of God like yourself who teach doctrinal truth. JS (email)
Dear Berean Call Brethren,
I have been edified, enlightened, taught, encouraged, and truly blessed by your ministry for the last 11 1/2 years. There are too few ministries, like the one the Lord has you doing, that stay within God's Truth! The third letter of John reminds me of you all and brings joy to my heart!...It is my earnest prayer that we all continue to grow in Christ, defend the Truth, and spread the Gospel for the glory of God. Thank you once again for all the blessings you have provided through Christ and for your steadfast commitment to the purity of God's Truth. JP (prisoner, CA)
I have already thanked our dear Lord and Savior in His throne of grace so now I am thanking you for fighting the good fight to encourage y'all. My story as a [seminary] grad and pastor of a Bible church in the midst of a megachurch environment is too long to convey via email. I'm so grateful for the work you are doing and a few articles were used by the Lord to encourage me to hang in there at a time when seeds of discouragement are easily sown. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  Be encouraged in the Lord, as I know you are. HH (email)
Dear Mr. Hunt,
For a second time, I have read A Woman Rides the Beast. I don't know how you are able to collect so much historical data.... I must congratulate you for each book you write--each one, is a fountain of knowledge and a joy to read. This is one of the books that should be in every home and library and taught in every school. If I had the means and support to give away a book to every home I would do it. This would be the best way to evangelize the Catholic world and free themselves from ignorance and naïveté one drags along from the cradle to the grave.... RS (Spain)
I have a [BA] in the field of education; a masters degree in "Pastoral Theology," and have for about sixty years studied the Bible very carefully. I was a pastor from 1966 to 2003, when I retired from pastoring, but not from studying and writing. I am amazed that so many people I have heard on television and in books have taken theories as biblical truth. These people try to make theory reasonable by using biblical writings to fit into their preconceived ideas. Having read the Bible through every year for 24 years, I find no Scripture anywhere in the Bible to support any of these teachings, except the millennium. I have Scripture and logic to explain [why] these things are theories but they would not be accepted. Perhaps you  are honest in your belief, and I cannot find fault in that, but I feel that you have been deceived. Because your publication [advocates some of] these false teachings, please do not send me any more newsletters. LS (TN)
Dear Brothers in Christ,
We will keep [you] on our prayer list. We are going through many afflictions but thank God we know our Lord and Saviour. Your ministry is unique, as you stand for the Gospel truth. So we must undergird you in prayer as you continue to bring light in a darkened world. RT (MI)
My Dear Brothers and Sisters,
My brother is a truck driver and is also a newborn Christian. He came to know of your ministry through your radio programs and he has shared with me this precious blessing. Your website and newsletters are so useful. They have brought me so much awareness on so many issues I had overlooked....As I read your material each time, I am in awe for what our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is doing through you. I would love to meet you all and give you all a big hug--I am so thankful! LZ (TX)