How to find our Conference on Roku |

How to find our Conference on Roku

These are instructions for how to watch our conference using a Roku device:

  1. From the main menu choose "Search"
  2. Search for "The Berean Call".  When you see "The Berean Call" at the right of the screen, navigate over and choose it.
  3. Choose "Add channel"
  4. Type your pin number if you need to, then click on "Add channel" again.
  5. You should see a message that the "The Berean Call" channel has been added.
  6. You should see the familiar "The Berean Call" logo in a blue box on your Roku TV "home" area.
  7. Navigate to our channel and press "ok" on your remote.
  8. You'll see a list of everything available in our Roku channel, including the 2021 Conference.