Rob Congdon |

TBC Staff

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Combining a background in engineering with degrees in theology, Dr. Congdon has been in the full-time ministry for over 25 years. Through CMI he seeks to assist believers in gaining a better knowledge of the Scriptures and God's plan for history, in addition to an outreach to the lost. 

Recognizing an ever increasing need to defend the faith in these latter days of lawlessness and apostasy, he uses the Internet to bring solid, in-depth Bible teaching to viewers in 20+ countries. Being particularly concerned for the 20-45 year-olds, many unchurched, over 50% of our viewership sees CMI-TV through the Internet and through smart devices. Using CMI-TV and a strong Bible conference ministry, Rob’s primary goal is to equip believers to serve their Lord Jesus Christ now, in the Millennium, and throughout eternity.

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