Question: I am enclosing some alarming literature from a very large and influ­ential “evangelical” missionary agency....I was in shock because until they came out of the closet regarding [anti-]Zionism I supported them fi­nan­cially. |

TBC Staff

Question: I am enclosing some alarming literature from a very large and influ­ential “evangelical” missionary agency....I was in shock because until they came out of the closet regarding [anti-]Zionism I supported them fi­nan­cially. I am hop­ing you might help in rebuking the false doctrine presented, and spread the word among Christians about this.  Thank you.

Answer: The organization to which you refer is Christian Aid Mission and the information is presented over the signature of Bob Finley, Chairman and CEO.  It is some of the worst anti-Israel propaganda and blatant misinformation that I have ever seen. The errors are too many to cite them all. I’ll mention a few.

First of all, he peddles the common myth that Ashkenazi Jews are really Khazars and not Jews at all. This has been refuted genetically by experts such as Dr. Neil Risch of Stanford U. Department of Genetics and Dr. Harry Ostrer of the Department of Genetics, New York U. Medical School, who show that Ashkenazis are ethnic Jews from the biblical twelve tribes. 

Next, Finley accuses “a few Ashkenazi Zionists [of] trying to take over parts of Pales­tine through acts of terrorism about 70 years ago....” He claims that since 1940 they “have killed, driven out or displaced over two million of the original residents of Palestine.” This is false. Many Arabs came into Israel to feed off the prosperity created out of desert and swamp by industrious Jews reclaiming the land God gave them, which the League of Nations and entire world recognized was their national home and which Britain was to facilitate under the Balfour Declaration. Arabs rioted and murdered Jews in acts of terrorism under the leadership of Haj Amin el Muhammad Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the great uncle, mentor and model of Arafat, who changed his name to hide his relationship.

In contrast to Finley’s badly inflated 2,000,000, about 400,000 Arabs fled Israel in 1948, while 800,000 Jewish refugees entered it from Arab lands where they had been brutalized for 1,300 years since the advent of Islam. As  any student of the Bible knows, the land is Israel, not Palestine, and its “original residents,” because of their wicked­ness, at God’s command were replaced by Israel

Though often slaughtered, enslaved and chased out, Jews have resided in Israel for more than 3,000 years and must be considered “the original residents.” Today’s “Palestinians” are descended from Arabs who immigrated to Israel over the last 100 years to take advantage of Jewish development of the land.  Even today those living in Palestinian territory cannot support themselves but must go into Israel for jobs, even though the West has additionally offered Arafat billions of dollars specifically to create jobs for his people.

Finley reduces the accurate figure of 6,000,000 Jews by 90 percent and refers to “600,000” killed by the Nazis.  He says not one word about the 2 million killed by Muslims in Sudan or about the thousands of Christians being killed by Muslims and hundreds of churches being destroyed in Nigeria and Indonesia today. There is no mention of the Arabs’ continual public vow to exterminate the Jews, nor that Muhammad killed every Jew in Arabia and said that the last day would not come until the Muslims killed every Jew on earth. Incredibly, Finley claims that  “during the Seventh Century...virtually all the remaining Hebrews...accepted Mohammed as ‘that Prophet’ foretold in Deuteronomy:18:15. Thus was Judaism merged into Islam.”  This is not history but absurdity!

Finley claims that everything is the fault of those “phony” Khazar Jews. He makes no mention of suicide bombers killing civilians in Israel and elsewhere, nothing about 9/11/01, etc. It is Israel’s alleged murder and robbery of “hundreds of thousands of Palestinians,” and Christian support of “Zionist expansion,” that has “cut off millions of Muslims from their previous receptivity to the gospel.” There was no “previous receptivity”! Muhammad said, “Whoever relinquishes his faith, kill him!” The death penalty for conversion to any other religion is what prevents Muslims from hearing the gospel.

Finley promotes preterism. He claims that “Matthew:24:15-21 refers to the destruction of Palestine by Roman armies from 67 to 70 A.D.” In fact, this land was not called “Palestine” until the Romans angrily renamed it that in A.D. 135 after the Jewish uprising in response to their build­ing a temple to Jupiter on Temple Mount. Christ declared, “For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the, nor ever shall be.”  It is indisputable that Hitler, Mao and Stalin ushered in a period of tribulation both for Jews and Christians at least 20 times worse than that of A.D. 70, which there­fore could not have been the greatest that “ever shall be.” 

Christ also said, “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved...” (Mt 24:22).  There was no danger that all flesh on earth would be wiped out by the weapons available in A.D. 70.  Nor were the sun and moon darkened, nor did the Son of man come “in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory;” nor did His angels “gather together his elect from the four winds,” as Christ foretold would happen “immediately after the tribulation of those days...” (Mt 24:27-31).  Finley is just plain wrong.

Incredibly, he denies any “prophetic significance to occupation of Palestine” and declares that “biblical promises do not apply to ‘Jewish people,’” whom he claims “took their language with them from Khazaria....” In fact, the same Hebrew spoken in King David’s time is the official language of Israel today.

Finley denies the facts of history. Even though the United Nations in Res. 181, 11/29/47 gave the Jews only 18 percent of what had been promised to them and the other 82 percent to the Arabs, there were riots against Jews, and the Arab League broadcast its intention to exterminate all Jews.  That intention is still pronounced by Muslim leaders worldwide. 

Israeli settlers fought off an enemy deter­mined to annihilate them and with whom they only wanted to live in peace. The descendants of  Arabs who did not flee Israel in 1948 comprise about 16 percent of Israel’s voting citizens today. Some are even members of the Knesset.  In contrast, no Jew can be a full citizen of any Muslim country, or even set foot in Saudi Arabia. Israel has never threatened its neighbors, and every piece of land they have taken has been in self-defense against an enemy which has started war after war of intended extermination. Yet Finley dares to blame Muslim atrocities on “anti-Semitic Zionist aggression” and claims that “evangelical endorsements” of such have “brought a wave of persecution upon the churches which should never have happened.” In fact, beginning many centuries before Zionism was heard of or Israel reborn as a nation, Muslims have slaughtered Christians throughout history to spread Islam by the sword.

 Finley concludes his unconscionable barrage of anti-Semitic misinformation with his last heading, “Muslims stirred up by Zionist terrorism.” So it is not the Muslims who are the terrorists, but the “Zionists”?  There has to be something more than ignorance involved here!