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TBC Staff, 10/3/07: Religion Must Be Destroyed, Atheist Alliance Declares [Excerpts] --

Science must ultimately destroy organized religion, according to some of the leading atheist writers and intellectuals who spoke at a recent atheist conference in Northern Virginia. God is a myth, and children must not be schooled in any faith, they said, at the "Crystal Clear Atheism" event, sponsored by the Atheist Alliance International.

Some of the luminaries who spoke at the conference included Oxford professor Richard Dawkins, author Sam Harris and journalist Christopher Hitchens.

In his speech, Dawkins...denounced the "preposterous nonsense of religious customs" and compared religion to racism.

Dawkins was particularly critical of parents who raise their children as a "Catholic child" or "Protestant child." Children...should be allowed to examine the evidence and determine their beliefs for themselves.

Many of the attendees seemed to have developed an aversion to religion from conservative Protestant Christians. Several... complained of living under fundamentalist parents who frowned upon any questioning of the Bible or any activity condemned in Scripture.

"It wasn't easy [telling my parents I was an atheist]," one said. "I still haven't entirely told them. I just say I'm a humanist, which they don't seem to mind."

But they are a proudly elitist and self-certain minority. When asked what the main difference between believers and atheists was, Dawkins had a quick answer: "Well, we're bright."

[TBC: On the other hand, Scripture tells us, "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God" (Psalm:14:1).]