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TBC Notes - The Antidote

McMahon, T.A.

The Antidote

The Lord willing and enabling, in the coming months I'm going to be writing about the biblical antidote to being infected by the apostasy that is growing within Christendom. What's taking place is capturing the hearts and minds of professing Christians, and it is having a critical influence upon the faith and practice of true believers.

The scheme of the Adversary in this is quite simple: to undermine the Word of God. Satan's first words to mankind are written in Genesis chapter 3, verse 1: "Yea hath God said?" Eve's response was to add to what God had said (3:3). Satan's "dialogue" with Eve was a tactic to get her to believe that either she misunderstood God's commandment, or God had lied to Adam and her, and was withholding things from them (3:4-5). Satan's subversion of the Scriptures is his key strategy, which he has successfully employed throughout history.

The antidote to this deception is also quite simple. The response Jesus gave to the Adversary's various subversions must be ours as well, "It is written...." However, we can only respond that way if we know, trust in, and obey what God has "written."

As you discipline yourself to read through the Word of God this year, I recommend making it a continual practice to read and reread Psalm 119. That's the heart of the antidote to guarding ourselves against the apostasy in these Last Days before the Lord returns for His bride.

T.A. McMahon
Executive Director