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T. A. McMahon and staff,
Thank you for the The Berean Call. My prayers are with Dave and his family and I thank him for all the years of his ministry and books. I enjoyed seeing and hearing you speak, T. A., at the Midwest Hebrew Ministries conference. I am sharing all the tapes with friends. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry. JT (MN)

Dear Brothers,
I’m writing to ask to be put on your mailing list to receive your newsletter The Berean Call. A brother I know used to get it and he’d pass it to me when he was finished with it but he’s gone home. It was a good thing I got the address out of one of the issues a while back just in case. Your newsletter was by far the most informative I have read and it helped me to be on the lookout regarding a lot of doctrinal teachings that many ministries bring into the prison system that are false and not biblical. Thank you for your time and effort. I do look forward to receiving my next Berean Call newsletter. May the Lord continue to bless you all’s ministry. AS (TX, prisoner)
Dear Dave,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for the incredible amount of time and effort you put into writing What Love Is This? and TULIP and the Bible. My family and I have been attending a Reformed church for about 18 years, and all this time I’ve been thinking, “I’ll understand it all someday. I’m just too dense to understand Calvinist theology.” I really thought it was a mental deficiency on my part, so I just kept my mouth shut...a lot. My husband is an elder, and we do youth group and teach Sunday school. I felt like when I didn’t “get” something I was being patronized by those who understood it all, and I was just being too simplistic. I ordered What Love Is This? a year ago, had been working my way through it (it hasn’t been easy!), and was delighted to see the TULIP book available! Through the study of both books, what you have done is point out to me that the emperor is not wearing any clothes! What an incredible relief it has been! So much of what seemed wrong to me, faith as a gift from God, man just being a puppet, and the whole “mystery” thing—you have tackled and explained in ways that were crystal clear to me. I honestly can’t thank you enough. I have been praying that my husband will see it too, but so far, not yet. I’m sure it hasn’t been easy for you, opening up this can of worms, but we know God will give you the strength. I’ll be praying for you, your family, and your Calvinist friends. AW (email)
This is actually a thank you to everyone at Berean. I am not certain of the years I have received your newsletter but just wanted to say how grateful I am to receive it. So many times it has blessed! I thank God for you with all my heart. NC (email)
T. A.,
I just finished reading through the September 2012 Berean Call newsletter. Thank you for your faithfulness to God’s Word. First of all, it’s rare to see anyone anymore publishing anything using the KJV...thank you. Secondly, it’s rare to hear anyone sharing the historical, devotional, and doctrinal applications of Revelation 2-3. No one seems to have ever heard how Revelation 2-3 lines up perfectly with the recorded events of history, and it used to be common knowledge 50-100 years ago. Thank you for touching on such great gems of truth in God’s preserved word. As a 28-year-old Bible believer, I am very thankful for men like you who are not afraid to carry the truth forward in the face of adversity. I pray I will do the same for the duration of my life, if the Lord tarries. SW (email)
Dear Ones in our Lord,
Please do not stop teaching Bible doctrine. The Call is extra special. There are so few teaching the Word correctly these days, your messages are right on the mark, and I look forward to them every month. May the Lord richly bless you and keep you. RJ (WA)
Dear Tom,
I wanted to give you my support as you deal with criticism concerning your warnings on The Harbinger.  You and Dave Hunt have been faithful and reliable in warning us “ignorant” believers as we are so easily misled by the subtle schemes of the enemy of our souls. I grieve over the division this book is causing with other wonderful ministries but I am hopeful that you can respond to them in love, gentleness, and patience. It took some time for many of us to see the dangers of Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven (thanks to you and Dave, I finally saw them) and it may take time for the dangers of The Harbinger to be clearly exposed. Thank you for your work and love for our Lord. PM (OK)
Our family so enjoyed the 2012 conference (our first) and we are praying for your 2013 gathering. We are pleased that you are focusing on training young adults….My kids loved Mark Cahill and Jobe Martin (and family).
Thanks for unflinchingly defending truth and making controversial stands—even when the (apostate) church slings the most mud. KT (ID)
Dear Dave,
I just want to say thank you for the work you have done. I appreciate the messages. I…have come out of 3rd wave, word-faith, all the prophesy stuff. It has been a journey that has taken more than 10 years. I’ve lost all my friends and some family but have gained so much—more than words can tell. I give thanks to God and the many (like your ministry) for being there to guide through uncharted waters to help bring one home. JD (Canada)
Dear Dave,
You are probably familiar with Dave Breese’s great book Seven Men Who Rule the World From the Grave. Well, Calvin, Luther, and Augustine aren’t in that book, but their influence is still huge in theology. Just finished your book What Love Is This?  and was quite moved by the obvious labor and travail that had to go into its creation. I read it with a grim determination to get it finished. No offense to you but it must have been the hardest book to read I’ve ever picked up. I learned far more about this false teaching than I could imagine. I regret the time and energy Christians must expend refuting it. I’m also distressed at the momentum Calvinism is building in my Southern Baptist circles. Many thanks and God’s blessings to you. PH (email)
Dear Edwin Newby,
Thank you. Reading your TBC Extra article, “A Shocking Lack of Discernment…” [10/12], I was reminded of our Lord’s own words to His disciples in Matthew:15:14, concerning the false teachings of the “religious” Pharisees: “Let them alone; they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.”
I, too, once blindly followed the false teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong, living in darkness and spiritual ignorance for 24 years as a member of the Worldwide Church of God. In 1996, I heard the glorious truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ preached for the first time from the Scriptures (1 Cor:15:1-4; 2 Cor:4:3-6, etc.). It was solely by the grace of God [that], over time, the spiritual “scales” began falling, as it were, from my eyes (Acts:9:18; Eph:1:17:23, etc.), and I was saved. I now set myself to walk daily by precious faith alone in the Savior’s perfect and complete work at Calvary, and to grow and mature through the knowledge of God’s word applied in my life.
What a burden has been lifted, and what freedom and peace I now have in Christ (John:8:32, 14:27; Phil:4:7, etc.)! OF (CA)
Dear Berean Call,
Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ! I love your Berean Call newsletter and find it very informative and helpful, as I am a Christian who has awakened to the truth that we are in a very real spiritual war! I look forward to many more issues of The Berean Call and thank you for all you do in serving our God! I thank you for the books that you sent, especially East Wind. That really touched my heart being in prison myself….Thank you for your time and effort. May Christ Jesus continue to bless and protect you all. MW (NC, prisoner)
To the Editor,
We started reading the book of Revelation this month with help from the MacDonald [Believer’s Bible Commentary]. When we received your [September ’12] paper, what should we find but some interesting information on Revelation in your “Jesus Gets Tough” article! We felt doubly blessed, and wanted to say thanks for all the research you do for your articles, and for your faithfulness in “rightly dividing the Word of Truth.” JL (TX)
Berean Call,
I am so disgusted with this type of Christianity. I have listened to Jonathan Cahn, and he is truly a man of God. God is using him today when unbelievers need to know why God is not blessing our country, i.e., storms on East Coast, another four years with a Muslim president, gay marriages, abortions, etc.
Back this servant of God! Even some senators are taking a look at his book knowing that he has a message for the USA. SD (WA)
Dave & Ruth,
Greetings to you and yours in [the name of] Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. I pray you all are well. I continue to receive your newsletter, The Berean Call, which is very helpful to us Christians in prison. You always update us on current events and even old religions given new names. Thank you both and everyone at the ministry for being faithful to Jesus and His word and to give us the truth. DK (NY, prisoner)
Dear Berean Call,
Thank you for teaching us facts of how much Catholicism is in Calvinism. Keep up the thorough work. I love Berean Call. I have gotten to be so strong and not driven to and fro by so many things that are not quite right: the little boy in heaven book, The Passion of the Christ, The Harbinger, etc. I am so indebted to Dave Hunt and the ministry. At first, T. A., I’m sorry, but I could tell the difference between Dave’s articles and yours. But [lately] I can’t tell the difference…the two are merged into one! Thank you for carrying on for him. JC (LA)
Dear Mr. McMahon,
In September you spoke at the Midwest Hebrew Ministries conference….Thank you for your truth and for taking the time to bless those of us who were there. I picked up one of your newsletters because it had Part 1 of an article on The Harbinger. This has been such a controversial book among discernment ministries and within the Christian community. I used to follow [another ministry]; however, since The Harbinger came on the scene I have been disappointed and disenchanted with [their] stand. It has left me confused and frustrated….Since the conference I’ve printed several of [the articles] from your website and they have ministered to me deeply—almost like a soothing balm on an open wound…. BK (MN)
Dear Dave and T. A.,
I have been an avid reader of The Berean Call for ten years and am so thankful that you are not afraid to put in print your thoughts on so many questionable topics that seem to invade our Christian beliefs.
I have wondered for years [about] your feelings on the Masonic Lodge with all of the secret teachings that very, very few ministers dare to address.
Because of all of the good works they do such as operating the crippled children’s hospitals and the burn centers, I think probably most people feel that the Masonic Lodge is a good thing. But why is there so much secrecy about what actually goes on inside the lodge?
In your July 2012 issue I read for the first time any mention of freemasons.
Thank you for The Berean Call and the many different subjects you cover in each publication. DB (TX)
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