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McMahon, T.A.

Please Note: Our 2013 conference date has been changed to August 23-24.

Correspondence Update

We receive many emails and letters from readers regarding our newsletter and/or the resource materials we offer. Some are to say thanks, some are questions, others are corrections, and a few are angry protests against whatever we write (no matter what we write). Responses to people who write to us could occupy a great deal of our time and adversely affect our stewardship, so we have developed an approach that we believe is helpful both for TBC and for those who communicate with us.

First of all, we do read every letter and email.

Secondly, we don’t reply to everyone who writes. If a question we receive and its response are something that would be good for more than just the questioner, we may respond to it in our Q&A column. If we feel that the question is something from which the writer would benefit from searching the Scriptures himself, we don’t want to be counterproductive to that exercise. After all, we are in the ministry of calling believers to be like the Bereans of Acts:17:10-11 by doing the searching themselves! We also have to make value judgments sometimes regarding readers who adamantly object to what we have written. First, we check to see if their complaint is justified, and if so we issue a correction in a subsequent newsletter. If, however, we determine that no retraction or correction is necessary, we then must decide whether or not the writer will receive an explanation from us. Based upon the tone and content of their correspondence, our decision to respond or not is usually very easily made.

Thirdly, many of the questions we receive are addressed to Dave Hunt. Since Dave is in a nursing home and unable to function in ministry, we can only point the questioner to Dave’s books and his archived materials found on our website. TBC’s Q&A column is written by our editors, with occasional “classic” responses taken from Dave’s writings.

T. A. McMahon
Executive Director