Question: Do [Ishmael's descendants (Muslims)] have no opportunity to be saved because of their heritage? |

TBC Staff

Question: Because Moses had a wife from one of the Arab tribes while in his exile from Egypt, aren’t some of his offspring of Arab heritage, or has that been muddied by years of intermarriage? I read that Arafat was descended from Muhammad, an Amalekite descended from Ishmael. Are these people born to be unsaved if they come from those who are not from God’s chosen? Many became Muslims. Do they have no opportunity to be saved because of their heritage?

Answer: The fact that Moses had a black wife (it doesn’t say she was either an Arab or an Amalekite) would have been so diluted through the centuries as to be of no significance today in the genetic composition of the Jewish race. Yes, Arafat was distantly related to Muhammad. He dropped his real name, Husseini, to hide his relationship with his great uncle and mentor, Haj Amin Mohammed Effendi al-Husseini, vicious terrorist leader and partner with Hitler, appointed Mufti of Jerusalem by the British in 1921.

As for being “an Amalekite descended from Ishmael,” I have never heard that idea. The Amalekites are first mentioned in the Bible in Genesis:14:7, were in Canaan when the children of Israel were delivered from Egypt (Nm 13:29; 14:25, etc.),smote the Israelites when they presumed to go into the promised land without God’s blessing (Nm 14:45), oppressed the Israelites in the days of Gideon (Jgs 6:3, 33),and are described in David’s day as an ancient people  who “were of old the inhabitants of the land” (1 Sm 27:8).

The Lord through the prophet Samuel commanded Saul to destroy them all (1 Sm 15:3), which he failed to do and was slain by one of them (2 Sm 1:6-10). David smote most of them, and 500 men of the tribe of Simeon killed any survivors in the days of Hezekiah king of Judah (1 Ch 4:41-43). Thus Muhammad could hardly have descended from an extinct people!

Nor are there any “people born to be unsaved if they come from those who are not from God’s chosen.” This is one of Calvinism's darkest doctrines: it is unbiblical, irrational, and unjust, because it damns multitudes to eternal punishment before they are born and gives them no opportunity to accept or reject Christ, making it pointless to preach the gospel. To say that Muslims are not given an opportunity to be saved because of their heritage is not true.

Romans 1 and 2 make it clear that all mankind have the witness of creation and conscience. If they reject this witness, they would also reject Christ, even if they heard the gospel repeatedly—as many in America do, to their own destruction.