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Dear Dave,
After a most challenging news week, wondering if God cared at all for little Israel, I opened up my mail to find your wonderful insightful article on Israel (6/09)! Thank you so much for standing in the gap....I am a Jewish believer and have received your mailings for decades and yet this article spoke to my heart. As we [see] the socio-political landscape changing right before our eyes, it is so comforting to read your words, to hear your heart, and to see how you encourage believers to stand for Israel. BM (GA)

Dear Berean Call,
As a Vietnam-era veteran, former pastor, and now a missionary to the elderly in nursing homes throughout northwestern PA and northeastern OH, I would  like to commend you for printing Mark Dinsmore's article, "Would Paul Answer the Call to Christian Patriotism?" I found it extremely bold and helpful. Brother Dinsmore is not afraid to say what may be on the hearts of many who are afraid to state a biblical argument for the times we live in and what needs to be the response of patriotic Christians. It is simply a matter of where our treasure is, [there] our heart will be. If our treasure is on this earth and in the enjoyment of temporal liberties, then we will fight to keep them; but if our treasure is in Heaven, we will live accordingly on this earth. Thank you for printing this article. I passed it along to others. NA (PA)

Berean Call,
Mark Dinsmore's recent article (4/09) is a disgrace and an affront to the many patriots who have bled and died for the freedoms he enjoys. Could he have expressed himself in a Nazi regime or under a Pol Pot Cambodia? Surely God has given us the wisdom and ability to confront such earthly evils, along with fighting dominions and principalities. God has given us different stations in life, some to bring the word of God to the people, and others to bear arms against those who would oppress.We are called to be servants of God, not servants of a system that rejects Him and His principles. I will pray for Mr. Dinsmore, but he has insulted millions of patriots, both dead and alive, but I am incensed at his attitude and remarks. LG (email)

Dear TBC,
I love the radio show and what you do for the Lord....I have listened to and have been inspired by Dave since 1988 when I became a Christian at the age of 21 after watching one of his videos.  Before that I was raised a skeptic/athiest from my family upbringing. So I am in debt to you all and to what you do. DM (email)

Dear Mr Hunt,
I just wanted to thank you for your ministry and the work and research you have put into your books. They have been very helpful, particularly on the topic of Calvinism, which seems to be gaining a big influence here in Australia. I also have your book In Defense of the Faith and have enjoyed being able to listen to the audio files on it. SW (Australia)

Dear Dave, Tom, and Staff,
I have been having mini-strokes and I have asked my daughter to notify you when I pass to Glory Land. The reason? So you will know why I no longer send [my] monthly gift with love and prayers for you all and your families.

I am close to 89 years--and I am assured where I shall spend eternity--Exciting! I am probably sounding silly, but the Berean Call family has been so instructive and has nurtured me over these many years--actually it is our Lord Jesus Christ working through you--and I thank you. HH (TX)

Dear Mr. Hunt,
I would like to...thank you for your many years of loyal service to my Lord. I know that great shall your reward be in heaven. But I do have to say that your newsletters lately have been a little off the mark. I don't mean to inveigh, for I respect you and have also learned much from your teachings, and for that I am grateful.

I know you are battling against atheism right now and you have your book coming...but didn't you say it yourself, "Religion, not atheism, is Satan's main weapon"? So why spend so much time in battling atheism when they just will not believe? Does not the Bible call them fools [and instruct] us to "speak not in the ears of a fool; for he will despise the wisdom of the words" (Proverbs:23:9)? Has Dawkins not despised "the wisdom of thy words"?

I know you're not giving up on him yet, but his pride has been his fall. Is it not time for you to "shake off the dust of your feet" (Mt 10:14) and move on to other matters? But who am I to question you on this matter. May it be our Lord's will that guides you, not [mine]. I just wanted to share this with you.... JM (prisoner, NM)

Dear Dave,
"Well done, my good and faithful servant." I know the Lord is going to say that to you, Dave, when you see Him. You have warned me of more dangers and errors than any other Bible teacher. Thank you! LB (TX)

Dear TBC,

Words cannot express how grateful I am for the Berean Call ministry. I am doing my best to be a witness of the truth to a world that is lost. The educational materials you guys provide have proved true, time and again. Thank you for all that you do and God bless. GT (AL)