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Dear TBC,
I once read an article [that] reported the findings of a question asked of several prominent conservative, orthodox fundamentalists....The question was: "Other than the Bible, what are the top five books that have had the greatest influence on you?"

Some...mentioned works by Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, John Calvin, and several other theologians [who had] produced well-known pieces of literature. However, the only author and book to make it into the top five of every list was C. S. Lewis's Mere Christianity. The reason I mention this is, if the Lord tarries for another generation, and this same question is posed to a future group of prominent conservative theologians, I am sure C. S. Lewis will make each list, but also included will be Dave's new book, Cosmos, Creator, and Human Destiny. It's that good and will have that much influence on everyone who reads it. Thank you. JB (KY, prisoner)

Dear Dave & T. A.,
The ministry of The Berean Call is a refreshing stream in the desert....I am 60 years old. Salvation came late in my life (30s), and in the 1980s I bought bothThe Seduction of Christianity and Beyond Seduction. Too bad I didn't read them....I kept seeking healing from my painful past through Christian psychology. [This resulted] in even more pain as I made very foolish choices that have brought sorrowful consequences....So I got out your books and read them both (remarkable that I still had them after [many] moves)....WOW! Everything we had encountered was written on the pages of your books....Then when I read your description of psychology being a rival religion-that was it for me! I had my husband burn every "Christian" psychology book [I owned] and that was the end of that....The freedom from being double-minded is great! So add me to the list of people who cherish the truth...! Faithful servants like you encourage those of us out here in the wilderness. AC (GA)

Dear Mr. McMahon,
The poem about Dave in your [April] newsletter has...given me the prompt to do what I should have done long, long ago. With...the exception of my own father, you and Dave have been the most influential people in my Christian walk and growth over the last three decades. Even from a young age, my favorite fictional book was The Archon Conspiracy, and I was then led to read many of Dave's other books, and of course the magnificent newsletter that I devour each month. I am currently reading Whatever Happened to Heaven?and...am amazed at how more relevant it is several decades on. I had the absolute pleasure and privilege of...meeting you...at our church in Sheffield (UK) last year....I was delighted to have the opportunity to sincerely thank you...for the massive influence you have been in my faith's growth and knowledge. I guess I will get the opportunity to thank Dave...when we are both in the Lord's presence....Thank you both so much....I hope to be able to pass on to my daughters what I have learnt from you and your ministry, just like my father, who steered me towards your ministry as a curious and knowledge-hungry teenager. JS (UK)

Reading the books by Dave Hunt has finally opened my mind and my heart to what Jesus really means to me! My spiritual journey runs from India to Rome....Last Sunday I found myself sad but laughing [while] watching 60 Minutes on TV. Not long ago I would have been amazed at the orthodox presentation of their mystical ancient behavior. I laughed because all I saw was Hinduism dressed up as Christianity! Thank you, everyone at Berean Call, for your work and the light you shine on Christ! GP (email)

Dear Dave,
With reference to your insightful answer [about God's foreknowledge 6/11]: Thanks for your wisdom in this regard, Dave. I have been a Christian for three decades and a pastor for almost two. Some nine years ago I started a serious flirtation with Calvinism and even began introducing aspects thereof into our church, although I had a niggling uneasiness about it. I then read a portion of What Love Is This?and as a result tried to merge Calvinism and Free Will in my mind. Some years later, after a humbling personal crisis, I attempted a second reading, and from the first page the book made me feel extremely stupid. I was crying out all the time "but I knew that!" and "I should have written this!" Something deep within whispered "Well, why don't you stick to what you know and believe?" I did exactly that, and it was not even necessary to finish the book. It is now years later, and it has become clear to me that there was a direct correlation between my attraction to Calvinism and the size of my ego. I wanted to be part of the intellectual elite, and so I began finding reasons to discard the obvious and simple meaning of Scripture. My huge effort to become a 5-point Calvinist can be explained in one word: PRIDE. Thanks again, Dave. TV (email)