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TBC Notes - "Beam Me IN, Scottie!"

McMahon, T.A.

"Beam Me IN, Scottie!"

That may not seem like the most spiritual way of announcing an opportunity for your church to have me speak on a Sunday or a weekday evening. Nevertheless, it's a blessing for those of us who love instances for good stewardship.

On two occasions recently I had the privilege of speaking to a fellowship in Miami, Florida. The best part was that they didn't have to pay for my airline ticket or my accommodations. Everything, including a lengthy Q&A session after one talk, was accomplished right from our office here in Bend, Oregon.

The computer program, with which many are already familiar, is called SKYPE. In its simplest form, a camera records sound and video images that are sent from one computer to another in real time. In a church situation, everything received by the computer (i.e., the speaker and his power point) is projected onto a large screen for the congregation to see and hear. A camera at the church records the audience so the speaker can see how people are responding (e.g., enthralled, falling asleep, or heading for the doors).

We are still in a developmental phase with this, but it has worked quite well so far. Technically speaking, a church needs to have a computer with a camera and internet connection, a projector, and a large screen (or a blank wall), but these seem to be standard in most churches. Our procedure is to run a test with each interested fellowship to see if a SKYPE program is compatible with its current equipment. Once that's squared away, a date is set and the announcements can be sent out.

If this is something that your church may be interested in, you can call Sally at 1-541-382-6210, ext. 119, to arrange a facilities test and to schedule a date.

T. A. McMahon
Executive Director