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McMahon, T.A.

A Personal Thank You

Back in January, I mentioned that I always begin each year with a goal of reading through the Bible completely, and although my intentions were always earnest, somehow, as the days and months went by, I usually got sidetracked regarding my objective. What's my excuse? Here's a lame one: believe it or not, it's my daily TBC work in the Bible that has distracted me from my read-it-completely goal. Seriously. But that's history!

Thanks to dozens of TBC readers from around the world who have encouraged me, harangued me, chided me, impressed me, kept after me, and given me their strategies and counsel, I will have read the New Testament and the Old Testament by the time you read this. Too many years of blowing it prevents any prideful fist-pumping on my part. Besides, I'm more thrilled at what I got out of the task than the pride of the accomplishment.

I never realized the tremendous value of gaining an overview of the entire Bible in a relatively short amount of time. I was able to remember things and make connections that greatly increased my comprehension. For example, having just read the historical books (1 & 2 Samuel, Kings & Chronicles), I better understood what the books of the Prophets were referring to. Also, those O.T. types that pointed to Christ jumped off the pages, since I had just read their fulfillment in the N.T. These are just a small sampling of the benefits.

Hopefully, just as I have been encouraged after many failures, my success will encourage all of you. I'm going for two times through this year, starting July 1!

T. A. McMahon
Executive Director