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Dear Dave,
Just re-read the book [Judgment Day!]. Extremely well-written and important. I have agonized over these issues for years and am convinced that this view of Scripture and the unfolding of history is the only one that even begins to make sense. May God raise up an army of preachers willing to tell the truth. JC (email)

Dear TBC,
I'd just like to encourage all of you to keep up the good work. I'm dismayed at the number of people that, while calling themselves followers of Jesus, castigate you for the slightest presumed error, unwilling to give you the benefit of doubt, exhibiting harsh, unforgiving attitudes. Please remember, not everyone is like that. Some of us know how to disagree in love and are humble enough to know we also could be wrong. R&RS (email)

Dear Dave, T.A., and Fellow Bereans,
Your 2008 issues have been exceptional! I have been a reader since the...mid '80s when [I read] Peace, Prosperity and the Coming Holocaust. I got saved in 1985 after many years in the New Age.... Jesus Christ has been everything He promised. His Word is alive and ministers to every need. MU (PA)

Dear Friends,
I am an avid...reader of your awesome free newsletter The Berean Call. I read many things. However, I am able to do without all these other things except for two. First, the very Word of God and secondly, your wonderful newsletter. CW (prisoner, NC)

My dear friends in Christ,
I am a missionary in [Eastern Europe]....After Dave ministered in one of the churches here, I was by his side as the pastor of that church asked him, "What would your positive message be?" Dave thought before he answered and during those few seconds there was a growing eagerness in me--This is an answer I have got to hear!--knowing instinctively that it would be important for my own spiritual growth. Dave's answer, "Why, 'Set your affection on things above not on things upon the earth, for ye are dead and your life is hidden with Christ in God!'"

That conversation took place at least 10 years ago, and Dave's answer has been one of the truths that God has been resounding in my mind throughout these years. It has been a catalyst that He has used in my own spiritual walk, as I am daily "setting my affection on things above...."

Why do I share this? I want to encourage all those reading not to shut TBC out of their lives because it may appear to be "too negative." The example I have cited above brings out this point: If you are having difficulty in hearing the positive message in what they say, simply because it also has the accompanying negative, then just ask!

Thank you Dave and Ruth...T.A. and Mrs. McMahon...TBC Staff! God knows how much He has used your ministry to minister His truths to my spirit, surely beyond whatever I could begin to tell. Anon by request (Europe)

Dear TBC,
I was at the debate in Whitby, Ontario [Toronto]. What an eye opener! I have re-decided to follow Jesus...as a deacon in my church. HK (Canada)

Dear Dave,
What an honor it was to see you again and hear you speak at Bayside Community Church last Sunday. Your topic, "Knowledge, Understanding, Reason, and Faith" was timely and so much where I am these days. After coming out of the Word-Faith movement a few years ago, I have committed to sound doctrinal positions using reason and objective thought as opposed to the subjective that is so prevalent today. Again, thank you, Dave, T. A., and the whole BC staff for your excellent biblical ministry. BM (FL)

Dear Dave,
Having come to Christ only ten years ago, I have a lot to learn. Your articles have lifted me to a whole new level, for which I thank you. God pointed me to the Bereans in Scripture, and a fellow Christian pointed me to your publication, for which I will be eternally grateful. BM (email)

Dear TBC,
I have begun to be very concerned about some of the teaching in the church I'm in. The emphasis on Scripture and good solid music is heartening, but the increasing amount of legalism as demonstrated by strict guidelines on what believers must wear is certainly a concern. There are no elders and the pastor is the sole authority in the group. RS (CO)

Dear Mr. Hunt,
As a Jew, I am humbled by your love and understanding of the Jewish people and their long struggle with humanity. I am married to a Christian woman and we...pray through Jesus that Israel will be a land for the Jewish people so that Christ may...come back to earth. The world must understand, as you do, that the Jews are God's chosen people and together Jews and Christians will make this world a more wonderful world....I lost many family members in the Holocaust, and Israel and its Christian support means more to me than any material object in the world. Thank you again for being such a wonderful teacher/prophet and for your support of the Jewish people. NK (email)