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It is a tremendous thought that even God Himself cannot...prevent me from defying and denying Him, and would not exercise His power in such a direction if He could, and could not even if He would.

A.T. Pierson, A Spiritual Clinique

Now I leave off to speak any more to creatures, and turn my speech to thee, O Lord. Now I begin my intercourse with God, which shall never be broken off. Farewell, father and mother, friends, relations! Farewell, the world and all delights. Farewell, meat and drink. Farewell, sun, moon, and stars! Welcome, God and Father! Welcome, sweet Lord Jesus, Mediator of the New Covenant! Welcome blessed Spirit of grace, God of all consolation! Welcome, glory! Welcome death!

With the noose around his neck, having already been tortured mercilessly, and having testified for Christ to the throng of onlookers, these were the last words of Hugh MacKail, 25-year-old Scottish minister, hanged for refusing allegiance to the British king as head of the church and unflinchingly remaining true to Christ alone.