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Just a thank you for the very impactful article, “A Generation Adrift.” I absolutely found it to be so right on and very compelling that I was certainly convicted of my many shortcomings when raising my two daughters (now grown), but more importantly how to live out the rest of my life from here on out. This article was so important to me that I sent it to my boss (he’s a Christian for sure), but we all need to wake up and get busy doing what God wants and not what...we want. Thank you! SM (TX)
Dear Dave, T. A., and staff,
The Berean Call ministry has been such a wonderful blessing to me over the years. I got saved just about the time [it] started….When I got saved, I’d been praying to God to help me not to be deceived. The Lord has answered this prayer by putting into my hands numerous helps to my Bible reading, such as The Seduction of Christianity by Dave Hunt….To  cut a long story short, The Berean Call has answered many of my questions and confirmed much of what I believe. My community has a large Roman Catholic population—mostly Irish—and also many Mormons….I praise God for you all and pray often for this wonderful watchman ministry. God bless you all. BS (OR)
God Bless You TBC,
About 20 years ago I wrote to TBC concerning my son’s behavior problems and how a church sent me to a shrink for my son to receive help. What I received from TBC was an absolute no. I knew it in my heart already…why was I going back (backwards) to the world for help?
I became very negative about church and pastors and ended up without help at all, but God did something amazing. During all these years of trials and extreme tribulation God delivered us. My son will be graduating from Bible college this year [and he and his fiancée] are praying for guidance from the Lord on plans to go to Taiwan….
The Lord has blessed me with my own thrift bread store and I give free Bibles, tracts, and your articles to my customers. My store has become a mission field right here in [my town] and I am still amazed at how God did these things in my life. I’m going through the consequences of my bad mistakes and sin but I’m so happy and really careful about mixing scripture with anything else. In my opinion it’s either the Word or the world—you can’t have both and walk in victory.
Thank you for your honesty and for telling me to go to God for help....In my small amount of time knowing the Lord, I have learned that if you need help, always ask God first, and if you need feedback or support, go to a Bible-depending person and then go back to God with that advice as well. Only Jesus knows our true pains and needs. If He can save us, then He can help us, too! YM (NY)
Dear T. A.,
Your message at Finger Lakes was a bull’s-eye! Suffering is a part of our walk with the Lord. It does silence the enemy when we endure it patiently! Praise God for your own testimony on suffering. TH (NY)
Dear Mr. Hunt and Mr. McMahon,
Thank you very much for all the spiritual encouragement and edification I receive from The Berean Call. Mr. McMahon, I also came out of Catholicism. I was an altar boy in Germany helping the priest during the Mass. I remember confessing my sins to the priest and prayed five Hail Marys for it as the priest requested (we boys had a contest of who could pray the fastest).
I came to America in the 1950s and spent three years in the U.S. Army during the Korean Conflict. The American girl whom I married while I was in the service took me to church to hear the gospel, and the Lord graciously saved me.
Thank you so much—the Lord has surely used you in my life. WK (NC)
Dear Brothers,
I am extremely grateful for complimentary issues of The Berean Call which you have been sending to me over the years. I am a zealous believer in Christ who has been incarcerated for the past 14 years. I have enjoyed each and every issue of TBC and have grown immensely through your teachings. I am writing to let you know that I was greatly blessed by your “Warning the Witnesses” and “The Gospel’s Three Elements” in the February issue. I recently had the courage to witness to my cousin…(I prayed for courage and a filling of the Holy Spirit…and the Lord answered my prayers). I shared the gospel using many of the scriptures noted in [those] articles [though I received the newsletter afterward]. I will now send a copy of those articles to my cousin….Again, thank you for your labor and your adherence to the truth proclaimed in God’s Word—without compromise! Looking forward to seeing you in eternity. GP (NY, prisoner)
Dear Brother Dave,
I am writing to thank you for all the times you sounded a warning to the Body of Christ. Thank you for taking the time to research and teach on the false teachings creeping into the church. Thank you for your faithfulness to such a difficult assignment (1 Timothy:1:12). I salute you. FB (email)
Dear Dave,
For many years now I’ve been receiving The Berean Call. I have never written to you about how much your letter has meant to me….Back in the 1980s we were members of a solid Baptist Church. I retired early…and God called me into ministry. For the past twenty-four years I’ve been working as a volunteer prison chaplain here in Ohio.
As you can imagine, men in prison are bombarded with all kinds of false doctrines and concepts. The Berean Call has been a source of reliable information and help that has guided me in teaching and preaching, as well as counseling men. I’ve written to men and women in prisons all over the U.S.A. and some foreign countries. The Lord has used [the newsletter] to help me tell it in true purity. JK (OH)
Hi Folks,
Just a note…to pass on my congratulations to Tom on his “A Generation Adrift” newsletter articles. This is a brilliant piece of writing that hits the gold in every way. I will be passing this on to many folks here who need to read this insight Tom brings to a very big problem. Biblical illiteracy here is rife and the churches here are full of people who simply do not bother to investigate scripture for themselves and today few even bother to have a Bible in their hand at a church meeting. I suppose it’s not an unreasonable position when the guys “preaching” seem to rarely use it except for a couple of verses to lead into what is generally an exhortation of some pet point rather than solid biblical teaching….It was a great privilege to hear Tom speaking [here]recently…and to meet him. I pray that the Lord is keeping Dave in His perfect peace at this time. RN (New Zealand)
I haven’t decided whether I’m a Calvinist or not, but [your] argument is just plain terrible. To act like the whole Bible and all its concepts are so easy a child can understand it is ridiculous. If it were, you wouldn’t have a column, now would you? Yes everyone can understand the basics of salvation—that we are sinners in need of a Savior, and Christ has provided that through faith. But Calvinism is one of those hard to understand concepts. I agree with you though, that it should not take years to understand, but neither is it easy. BF (email)
Mr. Hunt,
I have seen your videos on You Tube and I get your e-mail newsletters….Speaking for myself and on the behalf of several of my friends from the church, I would just like to thank you for your wonderful ministry. After following your online media for several years, you have gained our admiration and trust. What an honor it is to call you a Brother in Christ! DA (OR)
Dear Brother Dave,
I am writing this brief note to thank you most sincerely for your ministry. I’ve been buying and distributing your books and articles for some time….We met first at Niagara Falls many years ago. We have also visited the Bend, Oregon, office. You and I do not agree on the sovereignty of God issue (Calvinism), but I look forward to our being together in glory with you. Thank you again for your faithful ministry. VC (Canada)
I’ve just read “Erasing Israel” by T. A. McMahon and “Prophets Who Prophesy Lies in My Name” by Paul Wilkinson [Jan ’12]….I am troubled by the sudden rise in anti-Israel and anti-Semitism in our nation, and especially among so called Christians….While the “Christian” anti-Semitic movement tries to convince us that it is only objecting to a “Nation of Israel,” which they claim is illegitimate, they have no problem with founding Islamic Kosovo in Christian Yugoslavia….I cannot ignore the clear teaching of scripture regarding Israel, including Romans 11. Replacement theology is not based on the clear teaching of scripture; it is based on [the] reinterpretation of scripture. Anti-Semitism is just one more facet of the rot [that is] infecting contemporary Christianity. AB (WY)
Dear TBC,
I ran across Dave Hunt’s In Defense Of The Faith at a thrift shop located in my hometown, run by the American Cancer society. I also discovered the DVD Israel, Islam, and Armageddon among a number of products being advertised by Publisher’s Clearing House, a well-known sweepstakes organization that sells a wide variety of different products. I was amazed to find a work of Dave Hunt being advertised by an organization like them.
Truly, God seems to be making inroads even into places one would never expect. May God use the works and products of your ministry to reach as many people for Christ as possible and to inspire followers of Christ to look to the scriptures as their foundational and final authority in every part of their lives, to become more steadfast in the faith, bold in their witness for the Lord, to defend the faith and the authority of the Scriptures, to pursue godly living, and to seek out God’s will and purpose for their lives. B&SE (email)
Dear TBC,
I praise God for The Berean Call. Listening to Dave and T. A. speak on the Bible really helps me to stay on focus and know [that] the Bible has all I will ever need; of course, the Bible already tells me that, but what I love about this ministry is [that] the focus is always on what the Word of God says. I love you all for being faithful to God’s Word and defending the truth diligently and not wavering in your faith. I want the same for my family and myself—that we would stand firm, strong, and true always to God’s Word, no matter the pressure from the world and even within the church. God bless you all. JW (email)
Dear TBC,
I have been a follower of Dave Hunt and his scholarly research since the mid-’80s, when he appeared on the John Ankerberg Show….Mr. Hunt has fearlessly and successfully exposed those particularly vile television evangelists who prey upon the ignorant, and all those false religious leaders who have blatantly compromised the gospel of the grace of God for gain yet are doing so in Jesus’ name! JS (WI)