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McMahon, T.A.

Combating the Reign of Confusion

I don’t think it’s my imagination that things seem to be getting more confusing in Christendom. Certainly the explosion in media has contributed to that condition. It used to be that anyone who wanted to communicate his theological perspective, after multiple rejections by Christian publishers, had to borrow money from a rich uncle and turn that amount over to a company that would print the book if the author agreed to purchase so many thousand copies. The end product would be stored in the author’s garage since no distribution entities were lining up to sell his book. After a year or so, due mainly to the continuing complaints from the author’s wife (that she wanted the space back in their garage to park her car), he would sadly haul the books off to the local dump. That was the heyday of self-publishing. For all of its problems, it nevertheless restricted potentially widespread theological confusion.

Today, thanks and no thanks to the internet and easy access to religious web and blog sites, confusion now reigns worldwide. No storage problems or financial restrictions. No restrictions regarding heresy either.

The good news is that the antidote to being confused is rather simple. Simple—but not easy. It demands a disciplined regimen of daily Scripture reading and then living out what is read. If a believer is relying on a Sunday sermon and perhaps a mid-week Bible teaching for his intake of the Word of God, his spiritual health level is likely comparable to someone who only eats one or two meals a week. Satan and his minions, the cheerleaders of confusion, love to step into the ring with spiritually undernourished and anemic believers— they are easy prey.

Word deprivationis combated by healthy Word feeding. That’s the only way to remain steadfast and fruitful in the faith.

T. A. McMahon
Executive Director