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I have just read Tom’s essay “The Demise of Biblical Discernment.”  I could not agree more. I have read many books by authors like Tozer, Keller, and more recently Schaeffer (The Great Evangelical Disaster). It has become increasingly clear to me that we live in the time of the great falling away and that it has been getting worse for over 100 years. I can only conclude from the scale of the problem that this is because God has sent the delusion He said He would, that those who would not receive a love of the truth would believe the lie (2 Thes:2:9-11)…. Be encouraged! You have been given an opportunity to suffer for Christ (Phil:1:29). As the days darken, we will all suffer more for the Truth. May the Lord strengthen you all and continue to give you a love of the Truth. MM (UK)
Dear Brothers in Christ,
My name is on your mailing list as the result of my brother having a book sent to me from your organization. I enjoyed the book very much.
Now I receive The Berean Call on a regular basis. I tend to look at things with a critical eye, so I am the perfect one to be on your mailing list. However, I also recognize that at times I overdo exercising that critical spirit. My concern is that TBC is also, at times, over critical.
The critical part of your publication is overplayed. The danger in that is you might be wrong in your criticism. Who knows what damage might be done. Besides that, it’s better for the reader to do some thinking on his/her own, rather than to take in your criticism just because it was printed in TBC.
There is always a need for the truth to come forth; but please be aware—as I’m sure you are—of the division you might be causing in the ministry of other brethren. MM (NY)
I regard Mr. Hunt with utmost respect and confidence. He has truly been used by God to help so many find their way through the Bible. Thank you so much. God bless all of you! EO (Facebook)
Dear Tom,
It was a blessing to just now find your article about Catholicism (July 2012). I have, over the last several days, been trying to refute directly from Scripture the veneration of Mary to a group of Catholics on Facebook…. I shared the simple Gospel of Romans:10:9-10, and most parts of The Romans Road, as well as quotes from Isaiah—all to no avail. Your article brought one word to mind as a reason for their refusal to listen and search the Scriptures for themselves: fear. They would not give me one word of Scripture to back up their claims except to say that I need to read books by the Church Fathers, etc. The most they could say is that because the Bible says that Mary was favored, it implies that she was sinless. While it is frustrating for me to talk to the wall, I know that true conversion to the Gospel must take place through the Holy Spirit.
Also, I want to thank you for showing in your article that they do not believe the true Gospel as it is given in Scripture but instead—as we are warned “not” to do—add to and take from the Word at whim. HO (email)
Dear brother Tom,
Greetings in the lovely name of Jesus! I would hereby express to you my thanks and appreciation for the articles you send on TBC, we are of the same persuasion and witness what you preach and share. The deception in the church today here in South Africa is horrific and only getting worse, however the church of Jesus Christ will stand as long as we are on the true foundation. We are a Bible loving fellowship and seeing more and more believers turning to the Word, disappointed with the lies and pseudo religion they are coming out of. We pray we would always remain humble, yet never compromise the precious truths of the Word. It is good to read your and Dave’s articles and good to witness the truth which is also our portion. I just had it on my heart after getting my TBC to drop you a line from South Africa. PM (South Africa)
Brother T. A.,
I read with great interest your [recent] newsletter. I have been struggling with personal challenges recently, and looking to many sources for help. Your words were like “apples of gold in settings of silver” and helped me realize that I need to get back to basics. I confess my neglect of daily time in God’s Word and the prayer that should accompany it. Even more so, I am convicted that I have stopped focusing on God as my strength and sustenance, not to mention failing to place Him in the center of my life. So much of my personal struggle…has been summed up eloquently in your writings on this topic…. RT (NC)