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McMahon, T.A.

Exercising Discernment Over Our Stuff

The key to biblical discernment first and foremost is knowing what the Bible says and then striving to measure everything against that plumb line. The only way to do that is by eagerly reading, studying, and doing what the Word of God says. Whether what you are hearing (or reading) comes from the pulpit, the Internet, or even from TBC’s own resources, we would encourage you to exercise thoughtfulness.

Our materials have been selected because we believe that they contain certain valuable information for believers in Christ—information that often isn’t generally available anywhere else. However, as worthwhile as they may be, none of our materials are perfect. Therefore, we exhort our readers to exercise discernment, understanding that we do not endorse everything in every resource item we offer. When we do hear from our readers letting us know about something they take issue with, be assured that we will review the concern and make an evaluation. In some cases we will remove the book or resource item, and in others we may not, deciding that the value of the book outweighs the issue of concern, which we would hope a Berean would recognize.

T. A. McMahon
Executive Director