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Dear Tom and staff,
We thank God for you all and for the excellent work  you do. We have been following your ministry for years and...you have kept us awake to the false gospel and wayward ministries out there. More importantly, your faithfulness to the Lord and the call He placed on you has served believers like ourselves immensely. You have kept us focused on the One True and Living God because you have kept us aware of the deceit.... A&FP (NY)

Dear Brethren,
This letter is to thank you for your response to one of the Q&A topics in the October ’13 newsletter. The question was actually an accusation toward TBC having “predictable apostasy and blindness...once Dave was gone” ....The response given to such a harshly antagonistic accusation was one of the most gracious answers I have ever read in any publication....Thank you for your response, and your seemingly acute awareness that there will be those who are watching for TBC to stumble instead of coming alongside it in prayer and support. In all fairness, these very same souls may not be watching with hopefulness that TBC will fail, but rather with fearfulness that it might. Beloved brethren, your kindness in not rebuking the writer, but rather simply answering the accusation is further evidence of the gracious gentleness of our Lord’s Spirit at TBC.... JM (VT)

Dear Brother. McMahon,
The Berean Call has always been wise and biblical to warn believers about so-called “Christian Psychologists.” Our Christian family has been totally wrecked by a “Christian Psychotherapist.” He lost his state license but still practices under a Christian umbrella. AG (SW)

Dear Sir,
There is so much Babylon/confusion going on in the religious world. I’m a believer that God has a dislike for religion. He wants a personal relationship with His people. He wants us to love Him and obey Him. He wants us to trust Him, rely upon Him, and cling to Him. I’ve learned that many people place their trust in a name rather than the One who owns the name. MB (CA, prisoner)

Dear Berean Call and Brother McMahon,
Many praises to the Lord for the April issue, “The Bible According to Hollywood 2.” May the Lord bless greatly your sounding the alarm on all the unreality flooding the church today....Your work is not in vain in the Lord. I am a former Hollywood idolator and know the power of evil coming out of there. Don’t back down. Don’t be intimidated. May the Lord multiply your prayer base....May the Son of God be reverenced in your work. DC (AR)

Just a comment on your article [Is Heaven Is for Real for Real?]. How can pulling more people to a love and following of our Lord make them into idolators? The picture of Jesus is a picture. We have millions of pictures of Jesus in our churches and elsewhere. So many people are trying to divide the church (no matter what religion) and say there is no God. To me [this movie] is a positive thing, not a negative as you are leaning toward. If this message gives people of faith joy instead of fear of what awaits them after death, how can that be bad? DB (email)

Dear Mr. McMahon,
This is just a line or two to encourage you and the staff at TBC to continue doing what you have been doing; you are providing a very valuable service to those who have ears to hear within the Church that our Lord Jesus Christ laid down His life for. I know that you must miss brother Dave a great deal, but be encouraged, you are pressing on with the battle, bringing truth that counteracts the apparent fantasy world that a large part of the Church lives in. If we shed tears over the state of the Church today how must our Lord feel about the distance it has shifted from its foundations. The voice of TBC is very much needed. RB (Israel)

Dear TBC,
I cannot tell you how much this newsletter about Hollywood’s attempt to portray Christ resonates deep in my heart. It has grieved me that so many Christians are running after these things with the argument, as you say, “conversation starters.” May I add, as my friends have said, “God can work through anything.” While I will not limit God, I cannot knowingly, as a mature Christian, take someone to see that movie and then need to fill in the gaps afterward, explain what the Word really says, etc. God gave us His Word as He did, why He did, when He did, with as much as He wanted us to know. As I have been saying on FB lately, “Why see the movie when the Book is not only better, but accurate? Why see an interpretation of God when you can read God for what He really says. Does anyone care about what God thinks about these things?” HO (email)

Dear Brother McMahon,
I appreciated your article Is Heaven Is for Real for Real? [TBC note: We have re-featured the article on our website.] This message is very important because Christians have so many distractions and so little encouragement toward discernment. It is so important to encourage believers to use the Bible exclusively for spiritual enlightenment. The teacher is supposed to be the Holy Spirit.

Thanks, Tom, for writing this and allowing me to share it with others! DL (email)