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Unbelievable to me…that Dave Hunt and his wife passed away and [I’ve only] discovered this at the end of March 2015. He has been a remarkable resource in my life with his books and programs [to deepen] my understanding of God’s Word. Dave Hunt is such a pearl, a treasure in a sea of lukewarm preaching….His messages, through the love of Jesus Christ, will stand the test of time. I will so miss him. EA (email)

To my...TBC friends-in-Christ,
Yes, we aspiring Bereans have a duty to confirm everything by carefully searching the Scriptures (Acts:17:11); yet, we are also biblically admonished to “swallow” any “milky” interpretation in order to allow complete digestion—even if bitter—of the actual “meat” of the Word (Hebrews:5:11-14). Pastor Mark Biltz has NOT departed from a textually exacting theology when explaining our Savior’s Jewish roots (Luke:3:23-38) or His fulfillment of every jot and tittle of the Torah (Matthew:5:18), thereby lightening our “yoke” and pointing to the nearness of Yeshua’s prophetic testimony, which is the very expression of His Spirit (Rev:19:10). Pastor Biltz uses “Rembrandt brushwork” rather than “crayon scribbles” to draw our attention to the “meatier” meanings in the Bible, to its peace and spirit (not obligation) of worship, which he presents humbly, as a deeply sincere and honest offering—certainly NOT as “a little leaven” or by “agenda,” as was egregiously reported in an otherwise accurate TBC newsletter. JC (WA)

Dear Tom,
You have given me a chance to be a Berean, and the more I [immerse] myself in the Word, it is truly beautiful [to see] how God reveals things to me at the perfect time. There have been so many questions in my spirit and mind, but [I am no longer amazed by] the answers and gifts I receive—not the material kind, but just like the birds who are taken care of—I now know without a doubt that I am always in His hands. WG (NY)

Dear Tom,
I have never taken the time to write a letter of thanks from our hearts for your help in keeping the body of Christ, of which we are a part, on the narrow path. A friend introduced me to The Berean Call over ten years ago, and my husband and I have looked forward to receiving it every month since. Never stop! Your research is invaluable to us all. We can never thank you enough. God bless you and the entire staff. May He keep you in this work. D&AH (FL)