Question: What about Veggie Tales? |

TBC Staff

Question: What about Veggie Tales? I know that the Veggie Tales stories are based on Bible stories, but they take many liberties in the way they’re portrayed in order to make them more “fun,” interesting, and understandable for kids.

Response: Your question raises a number of other questions. At what point would you have your child take the Bible seriously? Does a talking cucumber and a precocious tomato encourage biblical understanding? Does the “fun” approach trivialize the redemptive work of Christ? How easy will it be for a child to transition from the “cute” entertainment characteristics of Veggie Tales to God’s Word, which is devoid of “fun” but packed with temporal life-changing and eternal truth? These important principles can also be presented simply so that a child can understand (2 Timothy:3:15).

On the other hand, some of the “biblical principles” presented in Veggie Tales are really more reflective of popular teachings that are contrary to the Scriptures (e.g., “A Lesson in Self-Esteem”). Your responsibility for the spiritual growth of your child demands that you consider these things practically and prayerfully.