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Dear Fellow Bereans,

Thanks for being committed to God’s Word. I have wished to defend you from the person who told you to stick with what you know best, i.e., the apostasy, though you probably need no defense. So much of the newsletters’ content has spoken to me, whether it was pertaining to the apostasy or not.

Though I know it is time [and space] consuming, I appreciate it when you type out the whole verses. It shines God’s light on the subject instantly. It really helps to get His scriptures into my mind and heart even more. “The word shall not depart out of thy mouth…” BH (MT)

Dear T. A. and Staff,

Thanks for this April newsletter. It’s always a blessing to me when I receive your newsletter. They usually support what I have been taught by the Holy Spirit. I especially liked the TBC Notes: “The Cost of Being a Berean.” I continue to pray that you stick to the truth… MT (NY)

Dear TBC,

We preach Christ crucified because it brings believers back to the Cross and the real Lord Jesus Christ. Then the Holy Spirit can work mightily in one’s life (Romans:8:2). It wouldn’t hurt to wrap your messages around the Gospel. Sometimes you have, but not every time [do you] put the message of the Cross in. It’s the Power of God. GB (CA)

Dear Brethren,

As I see it, there is no greater need than the truth of God’s Word and for this reason I want to share my increase with your much needed and appreciated ministry. I don’t have internet access and therefore cannot in any manner participate in online programming or live streaming, but I’ve been receiving The Berean Call for a number of years, and I am most grateful for your outreach to us who are looked upon as outcasts by society.

I’ve not been able to afford to purchase books in years, but in your kindness, your ministry has provided me with these learning materials, which I credit as a great help in giving aid to my understanding of God’s Word. RW (IN, prisoner)

Dear Berean Call,

We have been getting your newsletter for many years and have had the privilege of meeting both Dave and Tom on their visits to Australia. Your newsletters are much appreciated as you print the Truth of God’s Word. Keep up the good work, and as you bless others with your newsletter, God will continue to bless you all. AM (Australia)