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Dear TBC,

I have largely benefitted from Dave Hunt’s materials since, thanks to them, I finally understood the Gospel and made up my mind to accept Jesus as my Saviour. His teachings have persuaded me that Jesus is the Messiah and that there is no way to escape that fact.

I have downloaded all Dave Hunt’s books available on your website along with the conferences. They have been a great blessing. However, I have been unable to share them with my family and friends because they don’t speak English. Actually, it’s been some time since I started to notice that the amount of trustable Christian material is limited in Spanish. This is the reason why I would like to see your ministry’s work more available to speakers of Spanish. MP (prisoner, Mexico)

Dear Berean Call,

Thank you, Berean Call, for your offer of Cosmos, Creator, and Human Destiny. I live in what is called “the Bible Belt.” We have many churches around us here. I plan to give one to every church pastor I can. I love your newsletter and look forward to receiving it each month. May God bless everything you do at The Berean Call. RT (TN)

Dear Sir,

Your articles warning about Hollywood “Bible-based” movies are exactly what today’s entertainment-addicted Christian needs to hear. Hollywood is America’s Babylon. It is influenced by greed, moral corruption, and by sociopolitical activists. Although some actors are Christians, or have become Christians during their acting career, Hollywood is not a friend of the church. They simply took advantage of our naiveté. By luring us to watch their corrupt, “Bible-based” movies, they have taken advantage of our weakened defenses and have broken them down even further, in hopes of drawing us back to the theaters to watch many of their worldly movies. . . . Because we’ve become so gullible and weak, many of us have fallen for it. When we go to their theaters, we are in effect sitting in their pews to absorb Hollywood’s corrupt, worldly sermons that destroy our efforts to renew our carnal minds to the Word of God. 

And we wonder why the spiritual life of the church, and of ourselves, is in such a degenerate state. We Christians need to wake up regarding how much time and money we’re wasting on mere entertainment for our carnal minds and how little time and money we’re

giving for the study of the gospel, the outreach of the gospel, ministry to the poor and the persecuted church, and to prayer. We are not redeeming our time but horribly wasting it on the entertainment from TV and movies and sports. Our support of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (which is a significant part of the great commission) has been whittled down to a virtually insignificant trickle by our becoming absorbed with the love of the pleasures of this fallen world. LA (email)

Dear Berean Call,

I read the slap you got from someone who said you were sliding now that Dave was gone. I don’t feel that way at all. I just ordered and received three of the Calvinism [Berean Bites] with book, study guide, and CD. I am delighted to have something affordable and easy to understand to share with others. Keep up the good work. Dave would be happy with what you are doing. I have long been a fan (or should I say “student”) even though I am 70! ER (email)

Dear Friends in Christ,

I am so grateful for the Berean Call. I read Dave Hunt and T. A. McMahon’s book The Seduction of Christianity back in the 80s. We were involved in the “Prosperity Movement” in our church. On first reading, I didn’t agree with them. But the book planted a seed that came to fruition eventually and I am so grateful. I have a deeper love for the Almighty Sovereign God than I ever imagined possible.Thank you again. AJ (TX)