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France’s Latest Surrender to Jihad, 7/10/18, “‘France’s Latest Surrender to Jihad” [Excerpts]: It is being called “the biggest aquarium in the world.” Perhaps the best known symbol of France to the world, the Eiffel Tower, will open this month with a new look that leaves some native French very disgruntled. 

New walls of “extra clear”, bullet-proof glass, standing 10 ft. high and 2.5 inches thick, will now enclose Paris’s affectionately named ‘Lady of Iron’ on its north and south sides. Metallic walls of curved prongs of equivalent height will encase the other two sides, through which one will have to pass to access the Tower after submitting to security controls.

In addition, 420 blocks are being placed around the Tower to prevent jihadist vehicular attacks....All of which has caused observers to complain the Tower will lose its aesthetic look, resembling now a “fortress.”

Many French believe these latest security measures not only disfigure the venerable ‘Lady’, but represent, above all, the French political class’s impotence in face of the jihadist threat.

“It’s a loss of sovereignty when we are forced to build walls to guard against enemies that we do not know how to contain outside our frontiers,” commented one indignant reader in a French newspaper.

Bernard Gaudilleres, president of Societe d’Exploitation de la Tour, the entity which operates the tower, said the new measures were meant to “reinforce security, modernize the welcoming area and improve the comfort of the visit.” He described the new glass structures as rock-solid for absolute security,”...“infinitely nicer and more romantic” than the temporary metal barriers, erected for the 2016 Euro soccer championships...


Feminists Clash with Transgenders, 7/8/18, “Feminists Clash with Transgenders at London Pride Parade” [Excerpts]: Conservatives long predicted that feminism and transgenderism were ultimately incompatible, but for a long time it seemed like the LGBT movement might just hold them together. Well, on [July 7] that movement burst open, as lesbians led the parade in attacking transgenderism. 

“Transactivism Erases Lesbians!” read a banner that temporarily led the Pride in London march in...Britain’s capital.

This banner naturally caused quite a stir, with London Mayor Sadiq Khan denouncing it in a statement. “Pride is about celebrating difference and London’s amazing LGBT+ community,” Khan’s spokesperson told PinkNews. “It’s about showing those round the world that in our great city you can be free to be whoever you want to be and love whoever you want to love. The vast majority of those present at today’s march respected and embraced that and the Mayor condemns the tiny minority who did not.”

Who is that “tiny minority”? The final statement made it clear: “Transphobia is never acceptable.”


Sixtymile Formation Part of Genesis Flood, 7/10/18, “Sixtymile Formation Part of Genesis Flood” [Excerpts]: For many decades, creation scientists have included the Sixtymile Formation in Grand Canyon as part of the [geological] Sauk Megasequence [during] the onset of the global Flood. The secular geological community has arrived at a similar conclusion.

Stopping short of admitting the possibility of a global Flood, Karl Karlstrom, from the University of New Mexico, and colleagues...found that the Sixtymile Formation in eastern Grand Canyon is much younger than originally thought.

Karlstrom and his research team...published their findings in Nature Geoscience, concluding that the Sixtymile Formation must have been deposited just prior to the deposition of the overlying Tapeats Sandstone, with no significant time gap.

Both creation and secular scientists agree that the Sixtymile Formation is part of the Sauk Megasequence. But because they have a different worldview, secular scientists continue to struggle to explain the Cambrian strata, the Sauk Megasequence, and the significance of the Sixtymile Formation, asking: 

“To this day, the Cambrian Period (541 to 485 million years ago) remains a geologic enigma: why did animal life become so globally diverse during this time; why were many continents flooded by advancing oceans in a way rarely seen before or after?”