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Dear TBC,

I greatly appreciate T. A. McMahon’s opening articles. I find often a gem to keep me going in my saving faith. With all the deceptions going on around a believer today, it’s easy to lose heart and get discouraged. With declining mobility and little opportunity to be encouraged by other believers, it’s what I need. BB (NE)

Dear Christian Friends,

I have wanted to write to “TBC” for some time. I look forward to reading all that’s included in the paper, especially the News Alerts [about] other parts of the world, which is very sad—God doesn’t exist, in their mind. How wonderful to know that we have a kind and loving Heavenly Father with matchless grace, and love we cannot fathom, even sending His beloved Son to bear our sin’s awful judgment...! May the Lord continue to richly bless you all in your labour of love to be a rich blessing to others with strength and health given from God. JT (Canada)

Dear Friends at TBC,

It is indeed with sincere thankfulness for your diligent work in the Kingdom of our great God, the great I AM, that these few lines and donation come your way. We continue to pray much for the United States, the President, and his cabinet members. It seems near unbelievable what is presently taking place in America through the opposition against constitutional government to undermine all that God has given.We are asking God to raise up an army of prayer warriors against these powers of darkness. May our wonderful God continue to bless and protect you and grant His healing power upon all of you. GW (Germany)

Dear Berean Call,

Thank you for your help and thank you especially for the newsletter you have faithfully sent out every month. You have answered so many questions I have had. I have a confidence that you are the right place to bring my concerns. God bless you. LR (Prisoner, NM)

Dear TBC Staff, 

A good series on fundamentals—a much misused word and concept. The series is much needed for clarity among people attending churches today. Alas, I have difficulty using the term “Christian” because I fear little is known or taught about the personal relationship between our Savior/Master and His sheep. The shallowness of understanding of the simplicity of True Christianity is heartbreaking. Please understand that as Paul wrote in Philippians 3, “I have not laid hold of it yet,” but am earnestly seeking the Lord. JA (OR)

Dear TBC,

I’m [writing] because I didn’t want to risk being dropped from your newsletter mailing. I look forward to it so much. I read through it several times during the week before going to sleep and each time something else in the message jumps out at me. I very much appreciate the inclusion of the international news articles [News Alert]. Thank you so much. JP (WY)

Dear TA and Staff,

Thank you for this October newsletter, “Have You Left Your First Love?” It’s refreshing how you named certain ministers and religions who promote a false Christ. Thanks for your boldness in calling out those false doctrines that are popular today. I pray that you will continue to gain discernment and pass it on to sheep that could get lost today unless the light of truth is shined on [them]. MT (NY)