Question: Are biblical marginal references also inspired by God? |

TBC Staff

Question: In the Scofield Bible...we find numerous marginal references, notes between verses and footnotes, stating that Rome was Daniel’s strange fourth beast, that it will be revived in western Europe and produce the coming Antichrist; but in those Scripture verses themselves there is no mention of Rome. When did these additions become part of the inspired Word of God? And are they proof within themselves that old Rome will be revived?

Response: Marginal notes are not part of the Bible but represent the author’s personal beliefs. It is your responsibility to check Scofield (or anyone else, including this ministry) against the Scriptures just as the Bereans checked the great Apostle Paul in like manner. No, the Bible doesn’t identify by name the four world empires represented by Nebuchadnezzar’s image and the four beasts in Daniel 7. However, history demonstrates the accuracy of Daniel when applied to the four world empires of the Western world: Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Grecian, and Roman—so much so that critics have tried desperately to prove that Daniel was written after the fact. And that the Roman Empire must be revived worldwide under Antichrist is also the clear inference of Scripture. 

This subject is covered in detail in two of [Dave Hunt’s] books, Global Peace and the Rise of Antichrist and How Close Are We?, which provide multiple Bible references. I commend them to your study if you wish further information and explanation in this regard.