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Dear Friends at TBC,

I hope and pray that all are well. I thank you all for the year of your rock-solid newsletter. Also, thank you T. M., for carrying on when Dave went home, and we never felt a hiccup. Dave and Ruth would be proud. JG (NH)

Berean Call,

You said that [the late] Kim Clement’s prophecies don’t come true, yet Trump was elected. So my question to you, my good man or woman, or trans person, or whatever [expletive deleted] you are, when is it appropriate to realize that you are the problem with Christianity? The man is a servant of Jesus Christ and you’re telling people that he’s a false prophet? What Master do you serve? You need to do some research and realize that Clement was right on about Trump and what’s going on in America right now—look it up. JM (PA)

Dear TBC,

I have been listening to your radio program with Keith Gibson. Some years back...I was a new Christian and ended up getting caught up in TBN...Paul Crouch...the health-and-wealth movement....In the middle of all of this a young couple invited us to dinner. During this time they pointed out in scripture that this is false teaching, but I did not listen. 

During the next year...reading the Scriptures, praying and fasting, little red flags started popping up, and eventually God showed me through His Word that the young couple was right. I then became pretty angry because I realized I was duped, misled. Like you, I was astonished at how many people are misled. With that said, I also realize that greed and desires play a big role. James:1:14—“But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed.” That was me—the antidote that kept ringing in my ears were the scriptures Matthew:6:24, 1 John:2:16, Matthew:19:16-22, to name a few. Thank you for your radio program. LO (email)

Dear TBC,

I was also deceived by the Roman Catholic Church when I was young. I was also an altar boy when I was growing up....I thank God Jesus Christ opened my eyes. I can acknowledge that the Roman Catholic Church has money and power “to destroy, to tear down kingdoms, and set up kingdoms to deceive many….” Even so “come Lord Jesus Christ.” JM (Prisoner, PA)

Dear TA and Everyone at TBC,

We cannot express our gratitude and thankfulness enough for your ministry—so thankful that you all carry on even after the death of Dave Hunt. Our family enjoys reading the newsletter every month and appreciates the way it keeps us alert to the many false teachings that are creeping in! Keep up the good work, and may God strengthen, encourage, comfort, and protect you as you keep pressing on. MP (WA)