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Dear Brother in Christ Jesus,

I have received the newsletter since the 1980s. Unfortunately…I have found that you all distort the Holy Scriptures, either wittingly, or unwittingly, altering and/or changing the meanings of words given by our Lord, in order for you to accommodate the “Pre-trib Rapture theory.” These errors continue on, spreading through publicizing them and teaching them as if they were the truth. Your organization has boasted in “…rightly dividing the word of truth.”…In rightly dividing the word of truth, certain endtime prophecies and the chronology of endtime events will only be revealed in the “time [singular] of the end.” FP (VA)

Hello, TBC!

Thank you as always for the info you send out. I am praying for your—and our—leaders. Sometimes it’s easy to begin to be “impressed” by the “power” that the occult claims it has. But I remember that it is the Lord who appoints people to lead countries, and it is His will and plans that prevail always. In the past, my mother has had a lot of teaching about “control” and how evil it is, and this has led her to question that the Lord is in control. I am so glad that He is! KS (UK)

Dear TBC,

Some have criticized you for selling Christian books in the past. I, for one, am very glad you do this. My copy of The Believer’s Bible Commentary by William MacDonald is one I’m enjoying immensely at this time. May God bless you richly. JF (OK)

Dear Brothers and Sisters at Berean Call,

Due to failing eyesight, we asked you to discontinue the mail delivery of The Berean Call. But now we can listen to the letter online! Please continue that service, as we greatly appreciate hearing Tom. We also love the radio broadcast. Grow in grace! WR (email)

Dear Berean Call,

I wanted to thank The Berean Call for the kindness you have shown me with your gift of your newsletters. I cannot help but be humbled when such kindness within the body of Christ is shown to others. Your October newsletter was certainly a gift in itself, speaking of “returning to your first love,” the biblical Jesus. I have done what you asked in sharing the copies of the newsletters with others in here, that they may also be encouraged to seek the truth of the Jesus of Scripture. RB (prisoner, UK)

Dear T.A. and Staff,

In your December newsletter you put in perspective the importance of seeking first the kingdom of God—and the need to examine our hearts and consider whether there are things we want to accomplish, places we want to go, or even victories we want to win for God ahead of a real desire to see the Lord’s imminent return. That surely should cause folks to see the seriousness of their attitudes and motives at this time. Again, thanks for the exhortation. (NY)

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