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Barry Stagner

When we belong to the Lord and seek to live for Him, we’ll see that our own provision isn’t limited to earthly means. Who, reading this, has ever faced an impossible situation and could see no solution, when suddenly, the problem was solved in ways that couldn’t have been imagined? It was God doing that, not “just a coincidence”! Who but God could take His people from under the whip of the taskmaster and, on the way out of town, see that they were given the taskmaster’s treasures to take with them?

Do you question the love of God? Even though we may face impossible situations, God isn’t bound by natural ways of providing for us! He is Jehovah Jireh, “The Lord Will Provide,” and He will do so in many ways that will astound us. He is the Champion of the chosen. Let us go out today in faith, realizing that He knows our trials and our needs, and He is always faithful in His time.

—Barry Stagner,

Beside Still Waters

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