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Dear TBC,

Good job on your recent newsletter article about certain female teachers and their lack of ever actually presenting the biblical gospel. As an aside, my wife and I recently watched the 2017 movie, The Case for Christ, the story of Lee Strobel. After watching the movie, we both turned and looked at each other, and said, “Where was the Gospel?!” It supposedly portrayed two conversions, but the gospel was never presented. I’m not sure what the “conversion” prayers in the movie were intended to achieve. You could call the movie “The Case for Christianity,” but you certainly couldn’t call it The Case for Christ, because the case was never made. PG (email)

Dear Bereans,

The letter in the May edition of The Berean Call did not search the Scriptures. They wrote, “If the Lord wants to save without Baptism [such as the thief on the cross], that’s the Lord’s business.” But Christ has clearly given us [the] plan of salvation through Jesus Christ, “...in whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins” (Col:1:14), John:10:28 (gift of eternity through Christ), and 2:8-9: “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves....” Many more scriptures teach salvation, and that there is only one way. 

If baptism were necessary for salvation plus Christ, that’s a 50-50 formula for salvation. No! It’s Christ, God’s Son, who alone paid [the debt] for our sins—100 percent! If God requires baptism for salvation, then we need to eliminate many Scriptures (John:3:16 included)....The Bible doesn’t contradict itself. Acts:2:4 tells us that they that “gladly received His word and were baptized.” Why not use Acts:3:19, since it is so close to Acts:2:38? “Repent ye therefore and be converted (not baptized) that your sins may be blotted out.” CC (TN)

Dear Brother McMahon,

I have been a believer ever since I was incarcerated 22 years ago, and I have been faithfully serving the Lord since. I’ve had many answers to prayer since my conversion. Here at the prison, the Word is not being preached since the arrival of a chaplain a year-and-a-half ago. Until then, I was leading the prayer meetings and teaching Bible studies.... Since then, he has put men in leadership who are ungodly, and his primary agenda is to lay hands on people amid a lot of singing, shouting, and [sometimes] screaming. He does not preach the Word. I teach hermeneutics and how to discern truth from error. Pray for those in prison. GP (prisoner, NY)

Dear Mr. McMahon:

I am a 72-year-old man who has received your newsletter for years, and I appreciate you folks as being part of the remnant that stands strong for the full truth of God’s Holy Word.

My wife and I have been Gideons for 20 years, and we take the Bible literally except when it states itself to be taken figuratively, which is why we are appalled at the way the Word has been watered down and twisted to suit whims. Your May newsletter speaks directly to that.

You’ve made some very excellent points regarding the “feel good” books that are proliferating today. LH (OK)