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Methodist College Denounces Pro-Life Students

TheCollegeFix.com, 5/21/19, “College president denounces pro-life students for comparing abortion to killing of black girls” [Excerpts]: The United Methodist Church believes that women “need” to have “access to safe, legal abortions,” so perhaps it’s unsurprising that a UMC-affiliated college publicly scolds its own pro-life students.

Alabama’s…Birmingham-Southern College encouraged the community of 1,300 students to pile on its College Republicans chapter for approving of the state’s strict new abortion law, specifically for comparing abortion to a horrific incident in Alabama.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, the CRs thanked lawmakers for “championing the fundamental human rights of children in the womb” in contrast to the state’s “ugly and tragic” history of human rights violations, including lynching and discrimination.

In an official statement linked from the college homepage—but inexplicably missing from its “latest news” and even 2019 news indexes—President Daniel Coleman feigned support for free speech while denouncing the College Republicans for their consistent life ethic.


Release of Imprisoned Christian Offers Hope

MorningStarNews, 5/28/19, “Release of Imprisoned Christian Offers Hope for Justice for Wrongfully Convicted in India” [Excerpts]: When police took Gornath Chalanseth from his home in eastern India early on the morning of Dec. 13, 2008, he assumed they only wanted to question him.

Except for two brief releases on bail, he would spend the next nearly 10 and a half years in jail for the murder of a Hindu leader that Hindu nationalists falsely accused him and six other Christians of committing. 

Ten years, five months and six days after he was taken into custody, Chalanseth walked out of prison on May 21, again released on bail. This time, however, because the Supreme Court issued the release on bail, he does not have to return unless the high court itself so orders.

“The Supreme Court ordering bail for Gornath has exposed the Hindu nationalist fraud behind Kandhamal,” journalist and activist Anto Akkara told Morning Star News. “The bail order proves that Swami Laxmanananda’s murder was used to trigger the bloodshed and [the accusation against Christians] was cooked up by the Hindu nationalists for political gain.”


Reservists On Duty

FrontPageMag.com, 5/31/19, “Reservists on Duty Fight for Israel on College Campuses” [Excerpts]: It’s Israel “Apartheid Week” and the Israeli veterans and student activists of Reservists on Duty are reporting to campuses across America. Their mission is fighting back against the lies and the hate.

The annual anti-Israel campus events have become notorious for anti-Semitism and assaults on Jewish students. Posterboard walls rise on quads depicting Israel as a racist apartheid state. Fake checkpoints manned by anti-Israel activists dressed in the uniforms of Israeli soldiers pop up around the country.

On American college campuses, [IDF Major Amit] Deri saw for the first time just how ugly the lies were.

At the University of Houston, a school that Deri describes as one of the worst, alongside UC-Berkeley and UC-Irvine, a girl told him, “You’re taking organs from Palestinians and putting them into Israelis.”

“We’re sending our guys there during Apartheid Week to engage with students exposed to these carnivals of hate,” Deri says... When anti-Israel activists hold a “die-in” at Berkeley to protest Israel, Reservists on Duty show up in IDF medic shirts with medical equipment, and announce, “We are IDF medics, there’s been a Hamas terror attack, and we are here to treat wounded regardless of their race or religion.”

The creative disruption is part of what Deri calls a “chutzpah” strategy.

“UC-Irvine is the most a dangerous place for Jews today,” Deri mentions. And pauses. California campuses are “the most hostile and violent.” At SDU and UC Irvine, they encounter the same activists every year. “They never graduate from college,” he observes. His mission is reaching the actual students.