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Dear Berean Staff,

Just a note to tell you again how much I appreciate your ministry and the monthly newsletter. It seems [that] from day to day our situation worsens, with “wars and rumors of wars” and major weather changes and many signs that Satan is definitely alive and well—and he is bent on our destruction. Thank you for doing what you do to prepare us, and please continue to present the Gospel. CW (NE)

Dear Berean Call Ministry,

God bless you. I’m writing to you to give thanks for your fantastic messages through your newsletter’s magazine. One of them is from June 2019 “Ecumenism and Catholicism,” which helped me to understand a little bit of this dangerous poison. I’d heard that word, but I didn’t know that the Catholic Church has been pushing ecumenism for years through Catholic popes.

I give you thanks for the books you sent me to help me understand how the devil is deceiving the whole world through psychology—and too many Christians. All these pagan world philosophies are worrying me, because they are against God. I’m so thankful to God and to the blessing I have received through your ministry. GP (prisoner, CA)

Dear TBC,

Thank you so much for sending the TBC Update email addressing Paul Young’s book, Eve. I have to say, it makes me feel physically sick. I have an elderly aunt who read The Shack and recommended it to a few [folks] years ago. I didn’t read it for some reason. It makes me think how incredibly important it is that Christians are solidly attached to the truth God has given us in the Bible. There are conflicting places to get “truth” these days—places that glitter with pretend gold, that sound so loud to keep people from being able to think, and that keep rooms in physical darkness so that the flashing lights confuse and excite. And these places are accepted as orthodox! It makes me weep. Thank you for the work you do, helping the true Church discern truth from error. KS (UK)

Dear TBC,

I’m amazed at how often I hear from people, including my pastor, about y’all: “They never have anything good to say!” The good that y’all say is the unadulterated Word, and you point out the error promulgated by so many. Keep it up! AH (email)

Dear Friends at TBC,

It is a joy and blessing for me to share a gift with you. Keep teaching the TRUTH! You were a blessing to my husband, and you continue to bless me. Can’t tell you how many times T. A.’s articles have addressed issues that I have been concerned about. His insight, backed by Scripture, always helps. TS (TX)

Dear T. A. McMahon,

I’m writing you today in reference to your 2-part series on the Word of Faith movement. Your position is very common among many evangelicals/conservative believers.

But we look to Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God to lead and guide us. We do not look to any man, preacher, pastor, or evangelist. If any of these preach or teach anything contrary to the Word of God, we move on. Granted, there are some who are teaching error and yes they should be exposed, but you are making a blanket condemnation and you are so wrong.

You should look in the mirror and see the wrong in your own camp before you throw stones at others, because there are some evangelicals teaching heresy. PT (CA)