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Dear Berean Call,

Dave Hunt was instrumental in my salvation. Years ago I used to watch him on the John Ankerberg Show debating all the cults or false religions during the time in my life when I was searching for the Truth. 

I read lots of stuff, but The Berean Call is my favorite. Everyone seems to be afraid to defend the faith when people’s eternal souls can be at risk. Never stop pointing out “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” naming them and their false religions. I’ve noticed that many believers seem very weak in the area of deception, which Jesus warned us was the biggest thing to look out for in these Last Days. Keep up the good work. RB (CA)

Dear Friends,

I started reading the Bible with Genesis and then on to Exodus. It was interesting until I got to the part with all the instructions in the Law. I wasn’t learning how God was working in people’s lives. Then a fellow Christian brother in another cell told me about you guys and lent me the article “Hebrew Roots and the Leaven of Works Salvation, part 2,” and I felt some relief.

I read the part where it said “a follower of Christ when trying to live by the Law is in error” (or something like that). Basically, the whole second paragraph made sense to me. That was God, I believe, talking to me. He saw that I had started reading and learning His Word and knew that I was a little discouraged and struggling with the Old Testament Laws, and then He brought me your guys’s newsletter. Talk about perfect timing! RN (CA, prisoner)

Dear TBC,

Thank you for your faithfulness and for your straightforward way of dealing with questions and heresies. We appreciate so much the newsletter and articles. We read it from front to back, and we also look up things on your website [www.thebereancall.org]. DW (WA)

Dear Berean Call, 

Keep your “spiritual Gorilla Tape” handy. Either the Left is exceedingly loud and appears more threatening than they are, or the noise is coming from the avalanche that is starting. Thank you for your work and the help it is. JS (ID)