Question: How many Christians will be Raptured? |

TBC Staff

Question: So many people are coming up with ideas about the Rapture and how the disappearance of so many people is going to be explained by the world. I remember Dave Hunt once put out the figure of 100,000,000 saved Christians in the world. Is it possible the number could be much smaller than that? Is it also possible that the apostasy in the church is pushing Christians into home churches and leaving mostly goats, and in the Rapture, there will be few taken from church congregations and these vanishings won’t be easily linked to a Christian event at all?

Response: We can’t know the exact total of those who will be taken in the Rapture. Furthermore, we see the growing number of Christians in Third World Nations who have exerted influence upon the increasingly corrupt Western denominations. Recently, the United Methodist Church in the US upheld their ban on gay clergy, homosexual “marriage,” and transgenderism. Those in Third World Nations exerted their influence to keep the biblical position on these issues. This highlights the growing number of believers in these other countries. As far as the Rapture not being a big event in the eyes of the world, it is clear that the apostate would welcome such a disappearance. With the removal of the church, the way would be cleared for the burgeoning of the religion based on the satanic deception of the Antichrist.

Dave Hunt noted, “You know, if suddenly we all disappeared, and you were the only one left in a church, sitting there alone, I don’t think you would believe it was the Rapture. You’d have some other explanation, and you’d be given a strong delusion to believe the lie—and there are a number of lies, explanations…for most people who are left behind.”