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Hello TBC,

Thank you for that good article [Mainline Churches—On Their Way Out?]. My wife and I go to a local Protestant church where we have been members for over 30 years. I am an inactive deacon. Even though our church seems to be growing, we have noticed a steady decline in Bible teaching from the pulpit and in Sunday School lesson material…. As our country is in decline and moving further and further away from honoring God, so are our churches within Christianity. We will get a major clue as to God’s timing for the destruction of the United States-as-we-have-known-it this next presidential election. Scripture clearly tells us that the US will not be the world’s policeman (as we are today) in order for end time events to happen—since no one will come to Israel’s defense during the future 7-year tribulation. Anyway, thank you again for your ministry. LP (email) 


So grateful to God for your continued labors—especially for making us aware of Carl Teichrib. Psychology and medicine are permeated with the dark religion, especially so in academic medicine. Your labor is not in vain. CT (WI)

Hello TBC,

I am writing to you for a variety of reasons. First is to thank you for your publication. For being “only” eight pages, it covers so much—from a thought-provoking and edifying main article to answering questions that we all want scriptural answers to. Also, for letters and news stories from around the world, and finally, access to other resources. I have not seen it’s equal. Though I can’t say that I agree with every doctrine that you believe and teach, the vast majority has made me respect this ministry. Unfortunately, not all Bereans are the same. Due to the respect I now give the “Berean” name, I came across another free “Berean” newsletter.

To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement. “Appalled” would be more accurate. Yes, it had many more pages than yours, and in full color on high-quality paper. But I found so many doctrinal errors in every article, which, by the way, were not much more than a promotion/advertisement for the author’s book. So again, I want to thank you for your newsletter. SG (CA, prisoner)