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To Everyone at TBC,

God bless you, and I hope and pray that this letter finds everyone in good health. I feel it is necessary to respond to your January 2021 “The Necessity of ‘Being a Berean’ Revisited.” About a month into being here [at the facility] I prayed, “God, how can you use me here?” I learned very quickly that the Christians here did not want to hear anything that did not align with their favorite TV preacher or their own interpretation of Scripture….

This was a problem for me, because if I teach about what the Scriptures say, it must be the truth. I’m not saying I’m always right and that there are no Christian brothers here. There are a few very solid Christians here, and one of these sent me a letter asking me about this very same topic. I went up to his cell and we talked about how he felt that people teaching the Gospel on TV, in churches—outside of prison and in—are not teaching the truth.

[In your newsletter] you wrote, “Some have complained…that The Berean Call corrects too much…that it hurts individuals and their ministries by mentioning names.” No! These ministries must be held accountable. “Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness” (James:3:1). I must be open to correction! I am not always right, and I will never be, as hard as I may try. [We need to point out] name recognition if they are leading the Lord’s flock in the wrong direction, either unintentionally or intentionally. Anon (CA, prisoner)

Dear TBC,

Before I saw the copy of the December 2020 newsletter, I had a dream of a “tsunami-type flood” sweeping things away, and I was searching for my belongings. I awoke and simply logged it in my daily journal. Then two days later I went online to view some of the [articles on the] tragedy of the Titanic. To me, it felt like I was watching the USA as it is likewise currently being divided and “going down.” I could not help but relate each stage to the current USA condition. 

Then, on Christmas Day, I briefly looked through my latest copy of The Berean Call and turned the page to see “New! The Titanic and Today’s Church: A Tale of Two Shipwrecks” by Warren Smith on page 6! Needless to say, I was stunned and am anxiously looking forward to receiving my copy to see how the church, too, has followed the path of the Titanic. DY (NY)

Dear Brother Tom,

Keep on teaching and preaching. The Lord has given a “true voice” from Him to you. All three of my preacher brothers are in heaven along with my missionary brother-in-law. My ministry was music—not like the garbage music of today—strictly hymns of the faith. The churches are so full of the world today. TV is full of junk that is supposed to be Christian. [Instead], Hillsong music has filled the churches. JB (OK)

Dear TBC,

I love your ministry. I also am enjoying the weekly Apostasy Updates. Carl [Teichrib] is a blessing. Thank you for your service in the Lord’s unending work. MF (RI)