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Dear TBC, 

Thank you again for all you do. It would have been a good thing to know Berean Call back when I first got saved. It would have brought so much understanding from all the false occult fads that come into the churches, [who excuse them] by quoting, “God is doing a NEW THING” and getting away with so much false teaching and teachers. NC (email)

Dear TBC,

Dad always said that “an expert is someone that knows more and more about less and less.” Some seem to be such accomplished experts today that they know everything about nothing. Thank you, Tom, for what you and Dave did in publishing The Seduction of Christianity so many years ago to wake Jesus’ bride up to what she was welcoming into her presence. Look up, our redemption draws nigh! CH (email)

Dear TBC, 

I don't know exactly what your doctrine is, but you are spot on about the pseudo church. Ecumenicalism is designed to destroy The Faith. You may be interested in a particular verse, Colossians:2:23, KJV: "Which things have indeed a shew of wisdom in will worship, and humility, and neglecting of the body; not in any honour to the satisfying of the flesh." "Will worship," self-made religion, defined by the desires of the human will—which amounts to nothing! This form of "worship" is accomplished "by self." L (email)


Years ago, I was on your mailing list and always enjoyed the newsletter and shared it with others. You guys really taught me much, and I thank you. I still have photocopies of Dave Hunt’s article “Shameful Ironies” (February 2006) that I sometimes refer to and share with others. (Anonymous)

To Tom and all the Berean Call Staff,

We thank God for you all and pray for you each time we receive our Berean Call newsletter. About 24 years ago I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. A couple of years after that, my brother gave me a copy of The Berean Call, and I subscribed. Like other Berean Call critics, I felt that most of the articles seemed too harsh. I was so upset by one that I read, that I actually wrote you a letter, which I remember in part: “How about showing a little more grace and a little less truth?” or something like that.

It’s amazing how a few more years of walking with the Lord can open one’s eyes. I have learned that I must check my heart first before the Lord and make sure that the truth I speak is led by the Spirit. As you know, it’s not a popular stance to take. Shunning and persecutions come—even from professing believers, but we know we must stay steadfast and obedient to the Lord. It is our joy. We have been reading the newsletter for quite a few years now and not only enjoy the articles but are encouraged by them and we almost always say, “Yea and Amen.” CH (OR)

Dear TBC,

Bless you all for continuing to be faithful to “the Word”—no ifs, ands or buts. May the Holy Spirit give you all the strength, wisdom, and perseverance that we all need to the end. MA (MT)

To the Berean Call Staff,

Thank you for your God-honoring stand that you have always taken on God’s Word. In these days of political correctness, you have always displayed God’s correctness, so “thank you”! DH (MI)