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TBC Staff

2021 TBC Conference: The Perfect Storm

The staff and I are quite excited with how the conference content is shaping up. The theme is The Perfect Storm, which is what happens when diverse elements (that are not expected) come together to create a critically dangerous condition, especially on the high seas. There’s little doubt that the church is being subjected to that spiritual condition as the Apostasy increases.

One benefit of having the conference online is that we’re having ten speakers! We will miss fellowshipping in person here in Bend, but we hope that you will take this opportunity to hold a mini-conference of your own. Invite your friends, family, Bible study group, or church to gather together and enjoy the content we provide, along with the fellowship that you arrange.

To help increase discernment in the body of Christ, the conference will consist of ten talks, each one addressing a topic that is significant in regard to recognizing the heresies that make up the Apostasy. There will also be opportunities to submit questions related to each speaker, with answers coming later in a Q&A session.

Please pray that the Lord will use the conference to His glory and for the edification of all those who view the event.

T. A. McMahon
Executive Director