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I'm finishing up my Th. D. program at Conservative Theological University in Jacksonville, Florida, and I want to express my sincere thanks to Dave Hunt for his most excellent work regarding Calvinism. It did not take me long to realize that I had never heard some of these things before, but I do recognize truth when I see it. Thank you for enlightening me as to the truth of God's Word. SS (email)

Dear TBC,

I have found a Christian home in The Berean Call! I have searched for a church home many times [only] to find that the church I might have wanted to attend was four or five hours away or across the country. I would ask for a prayer, as I am in need of employment, and am at the age where no one really wants to hire me, though I have a lifetime of experience and skills. Point being, I will be a supporter here as soon as I possibly can. Your messages are biblically on point. I have read the Scriptures cover to cover as a letter from God, Jehovah, and I am watching as He fulfills every word of the Scripture. I am anticipating His imminent return! You have most definitely lifted my spirit, and have confirmed that there are others who take the Scriptures literally, testing everything by them. TO (email)

Dear Brothers in Christ,

I want to thank you for the work you are doing. I am blessed by the newsletter. This is one of only a few ministries that I listen to and enjoy. It is obvious that we are in the last days. All these preachers who preach heresy—the Word-Faith movement is big. I can’t believe all the people who embrace it! I think if the Lord raptured the Church today, many churches would still be filled. I could be wrong, but it sure seems like it. FF (FL, prisoner)

Dear TBC,

Just finished reading your last newsletter regarding Christian activism. After finishing it, I read 2 Corinthians 10. I have the Henry Morris Study Bible. His commentary on verse 5 reads as follows: “Thus, we are not to use such carnal weapons as bullets—or even ballots—in our battle for the human mind, but the mighty spiritual weapons in the ‘Whole Armor of God!’” 

Thanks, Brother Tom! LT (email)

Dear TBC,

Thank you so much for this ministry, and thank you, Lord, for Brother Hunt, who has been—even in death—my disciple/teacher. I know the Holy Spirit caused me to happen upon him years ago on a discernment ministry on TV. My husband, who passed away on October 3, 2020, grew in God’s Word thanks in part to this truthful ministry. I praise God for you all! I am watching and re-watching these podcasts, so please never remove them. TM (email)


I wanted to say thank you for your 2021 conference. I am working my way through it and have appreciated the speakers, pastors, and the content provided. I listened to “Global Challenges to the Gospel” with Brother Elijah. I was concerned when I heard about his concern and Wycliffe Bible translators not providing accurate Bible translations to Muslim people. I had to look into it. I have not done a thorough investigation, but did find this article that I thought was worth sharing. I feel that, from the article, Wycliffe is trying (or already has done so, considering the article is from 2012) to make the correction on something that happened, which also does not sound like it was entirely their fault. Please read their response to the allegations, concerns, and questions they have fielded. CN (email)

Hello Friends,

Your ministry is such a true blessing to me. So many years have gone by since I first saw Dave on TV (mid-1980s). I thank God for leading my husband and I to the Berean Call. Your ministry has helped me so much and I continue to read Dave’s books when I have questions or concerns. 

Thank you, Tom, for continuing to stand firm regarding the Bible as the truth. Preach the true Gospel as you always do! You are not being too harsh or sharp with the tongue. YS (MN)