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Christians Arrested in India for Handing Out Bibles, 10/4/2021, “Christians Arrested in India for Handing Out Bibles” [Excerpts]: Police in India’s northern state of Himachal Pradesh arrested a Pentecostal pastor and two other Christians who were handing out evangelistic booklets and Bibles in villages after radical Hindu nationalists accused them of “forcibly” converting people.... The Rev. Charlie John and two other Christians, Vishal and Keval Ram, were arrested after they distributed Christian literature and Bibles in Lalas village near Rampur city, Asia News reported. “I only offered the Bible, and I gave it to those who freely accept the Good News,” Pastor John was quoted as saying. “If anyone refused, I didn't insist. We did not convert anyone; I'm willing to offer the Bible, which is God's Word, to the police.”

He added, “What we do is share the Good News with people, tell them about Jesus, without forcing anyone to convert. The accusations made against me are totally false; I have never offered money for the conversion of people.” Himachal Pradesh is one of the several Indian states that have “anti-conversion” laws…. The law...states that no one is allowed to use the “threat” of “divine displeasure,” meaning Christians cannot talk about Heaven or Hell, as that would be seen as “forcing” someone to convert…. In 2019, Himachal Pradesh, one of several Indian states, amended its anti-conversion law to make it tougher. Violations are punishable with up to five years in prison. Christians make up about 2.5 percent of India’s population, while Hindus comprise 79.5 percent. 


Rocks Don’t Bend, 9/29/21, “Rocks Don’t Bend” [Excerpts]: Rock folds always seem to me to make interesting photographs. When I lived in South Wales, there were some very fine examples in the cliffs on the Vale of Glamorgan coast. For the most part, the rock layers seem to run parallel to the beach. Then, suddenly, they bend away, upwards or downwards, in dramatic sweeps. In these bends, the rock layers continue to run parallel.

Standard traditional geology suggests that the layers would have been horizontal when originally formed. The existence of the folds, however, causes more problems for traditional geologists who rely on millions of years for all their explanations. The Encyclopedia Britannica says: “The long linear folds that are characteristic of mountainous regions are believed to have resulted from compressional forces acting parallel to the surface of Earth and at right angles to the fold.” However, it is not difficult to imagine what large compressional forces would do to rock layers. Rocks are not malleable, so the eventual result of such forces would be to crack the layers— and, indeed, such cracks can be found. Parallel bending does not make a lot of sense in a deep-time scenario.

Suppose, instead, that the layers had been recently formed early in the Flood, and forces were applied towards the end of the Flood to layers which were still plastic and had not hardened. These would bend together in parallel folds. The biblical Flood provides the best explanation for how rocks could bend! (Genesis:8:2-3).


Mahmoud Abbas’ Ultimatum to Israel, 9/29/21, “Mahmoud Abbas’ Ultimatum to Israel” [Excerpts]: Mahmoud Abbas has delivered an “ultimatum” to Israel: You have one year to leave what he calls “all the Palestinian territories,” or else. Or else what? Or else he will bring the case before the International Court of Justice….

By “all the Palestinian territories,” Abbas means the entire West Bank, where nearly half a million Israelis now live, and East Jerusalem, where nearly a quarter million Jews live. He includes, as “Palestinian territories,” the Old City of Jerusalem, and in that Old City, the Western Wall and the Temple Mount, which is the holiest site in Judaism. He doesn’t explain how he expects Israel to uproot and move, within a year, 750,000 of its Jewish citizens from the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Israelis still remember the national trauma when they removed 8,500 Jews from Gaza in 2005, a trauma they do not wish to repeat….

Perhaps Mahmoud Abbas does not realize it, but the chief feature of the International Court of Justice is that it has no power to enforce its decisions. None.