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Dear TBC
Thanks for this truth, Tom and TBC. Before psychotherapy, and to this day, people generally had good, honest, trustworthy Christian friends that they could talk to about their problems, insecurities, shortcomings, and errors of life in private. Talking it out with one of these friends was just as, or more, effective than psychotherapy and psychology [could offer] and is far less expensive, both financially and spiritually. All psychiatrists and psychologists do is attempt to eliminate the righteous shame people’s consciences cause them to feel as a result of their sin, if their hearts haven’t become too hardened to sense it. CH (email)
(Concerning Dave’s article “Pre-Wrath Rapture”) Thank you so much, precious brother!! This doctrine has caused incredible pain to us and our fellowship! Thank you for taking the time to respond. It means sooo much to us! God bless you and all you do.  MS (email)
Dear TBC,
Thank you for the links that you sent about The Chosen…. I especially liked the 17-minute video by the former Mormon which had a brief clip of Dave Hunt speaking! I wonder if he videoed it in response to The Passion of the Christ, which I also refused to see…. It was appropriate for The Chosen as well! Not a surprise but very impressive.
Please let Tom know that he did a superb job on his December article! I was wondering how any Christian who loves the Word could go “ape” over The Chosen…. I definitely did not know Mormons had a lot to do with it and how Dallas can say these Mormons are our brothers and sisters is very disturbing and must be “called out” (as Tom and TBC did!). Thank you for your adherence to the Holy Scriptures no matter what anyone says! May the Lord give TBC extra jewels in your crowns at the Judgment Seat of Jesus to cast at His feet! GB (email)